Give 2 Nigeria Student Essay 2011 Details

Give 2 Nigeria (G2N) is pleased to announce the 2011 Responsible Citizen Student Essay Prize, inviting senior secondary school (high school) and undergraduate students to write about the subject of Responsible Citizenship. The Prize aims to:

* Deepen understanding and appreciation of the expectations and benefits of responsible citizenship;
* Engage students in the debate on the role of citizens in Nigerian society;
* Strengthen students’ research, writing, and reasoning skills; and
* Develop a culture of giving amongst students.

The Prize is open to senior secondary school (high school) and undergraduate students, attending schools in Nigeria or overseas.

Eligible students are invited to submit their original work, highlighting the value of responsible citizenship, as well as their personal contributions to a social cause or community issue. The essay should be no longer than 900 words, in English, and each submission should cover the following:

1. What are the key responsibilities of Nigerian citizens?
2. Describe your role and impact in a social cause or community initiative.

Applicants are invited to submit their essays in MS Word or PDF format only, to [email protected] with “Essay Submission” as the subject of the mail. All information requested, including name, contact information, educational institution, and essay should be included in a single document. One essay is allowed per applicant. Joint submissions are not eligible for the prize.

The submission deadline is August 31, 2011 at 12 a.m. GMT. Winners will be announced on October 1, 2011. All submissions must adhere to contest requirement.

The submitted essays are reviewed and judged by a panel selected by Give 2 Nigeria. The panel will evaluate the essays according to the criteria described and select 1st prize winners, one each, from the senior secondary school and undergraduate level, and 2nd prize winners, one each, from the senior secondary school and undergraduate level.

All winners will receive an award certificate. In line with our efforts encouraging a culture of giving while supporting local charities, Give 2 Nigeria will make a cash donation of $500 each to two registered charities in Nigeria, selected by each of the first prize winners. In addition, Give 2 Nigeria will make a cash donation of $250 each to two registered charities in Nigeria, selected by each of the second prize winners. The winning essays will be published online at, and in Give 2 Nigeria’s newsletter.

Please promote the Prize by informing people in your network: family, friends, co-workers, business associates, and members of your community and professional association.

Terms & Conditions

Applicants may not copy or otherwise plagiarize all or any part of any submission from any source, nor may any submission include third party material.

Give 2 Nigeria and the judging panel reserve the right to contact any Applicant for additional information or clarification regarding such Applicant’s submission. It will be such Applicant’s responsibility to respond to these requests in a timely manner. The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify any entry that in its judgment violates the letter or the spirit of the award guidelines, processes and rules, and its decisions are final and binding.

Give 2 Nigeria has sole and absolute discretion to determine which submission entries, if any, merit a Prize. Give 2 Nigeria reserves the right, at their sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, extend or reduce the terms and conditions of, or to suspend or terminate, the competition without prior notice.

Give 2 Nigeria reserves the right to use the submission for purposes including advertising and promotional activities, and to use the name and/or likeness of the named individual listed for each submission, and all or part of each submission, throughout the work, in perpetuity, without any compensation, notice or approval, unless specifically prohibited by law.

Give 2 Nigeria will endeavor to inform participants of any such change, modification, extension, reduction, suspension or termination, as the case may be, through any media outlet deemed appropriate by Give 2 Nigeria at its sole and absolute discretion.

Give 2 Nigeria further reserves the right to nullify and/or cancel any part or all of the competition if it appears that any fraud or malfunctions have occurred in any form whatsoever. Each participant undertakes to indemnify and keep Give 2 Nigeria harmless from and against any loss, damage, claims, costs and expenses which may be incurred by or asserted against Give 2 Nigeria as a result of such participant’s participation in the competition.