I will quit acting, Mercy Johnson

Popular Nigerian actress – Mercy Johnson has declared that she will quit acting after her wedding. The Nigerian actress intends to delve into television and become one of the many actors who have become movie producers.

Mercy Johnson is getting married to Edo Prince, Odianose Okojie, from Esanland (Uromi) on May 27th, 2011. While we wish her a happy and successful marriage, one wonders if she can stick to her words about quitting her career.

Once more it’s back the old dilemma of choosing between a very happy marriage and a blossoming career.

Which do you think will prevail and why?


  1. I will say, Mercy Johnson make a good decision because is not every man will see his wife kissing and sleeping with another man when acting that would like it. And again, everybody know what he/she like and if that is how she want it i think is a good decision.

  2. mercy bravo to u! as ur name implies i pray dat God’s mercy will see u through ur wedding plans. ask God to give u d grace to keep to ur words i wish u happy marrage nd a lovly home with no divorce like other actors nd actress. depend on God n trust him he will see u through—–ooooo luv u

  3. you just make a wise decision,by given honor to God institution and i pray to this union that both will not graduate till eternity…………. amen…….we luv u

  4. If u r nt force 2 quit actin, then that’s a good decision.all d best bt i will miss u so much. Happy marriage life.

  5. Mercy,u have spoken well..I bet u, u will neva regret quitin nollywood 4 ur marriage…Though,we’ll miss u,bt we also wnt a happy marriage 4 u…I personally will miss u coz u’re my favourite..But all dsame,i wish u d bst in ur marriage nd all dat u desire afterwards….Much Luv

  6. We all gonan miss you,so i love yur decision,you know promise is a debt,try an quit as yu said,haaaaaaaaaapppy marriage life.

  7. I don’t think that is a wise decision, why much she quit her career? Baby i guest those that are advising you to quit, are ur enemy, it is what gave u fame and wealth today, and sincerely speaking, u re very gud in acting, 100% no comma, dats wt u been ordained to be in lyfe, so don’t made a wrong decision.

    I can’t imagine other girls encouraging you to quit, if it is them that are in dsame shoe, would they quit, no….so be wise woman, and continue with ur career, so many re out there looking for chance to blow up just d way u did but no way, becoz they are yet to discover there talent, baby u got ur talent right, so hold on too it, many re suffering out there today, becoz they don’t realize their talent, they are only working on some else which they are not ordained too.

    Baby, u ave discovered ur talent, so stick too it, and making the fucking record and history out of it…….U re a legend believe me Mercy

  8. He who dwell in d sacred place of d most high God shall abide under d shadow of d almighty & so shal his word & his blessing continue 2 dwell in u Mercy Johnson

  9. mercy hmmmmm!! all i want 2 say is follow ur hearth do wat u knw is right. i just HOPE u are BORN AGAIN thats all dat matters. God was wit u through out ur marriage plans so dnt 4get GOD even nw dat u married. Love u dearly.

  10. mercy, if dats wat u so desire den ok bt i think wat u ned is to limit ur actin since ur now married to avoid fracas in ur marriage. I dont support total quitin cos its ur talent, n ur carrier; Aftal mrs. Jalade stil act afta marriage Bt do wat is gud 4 u n ur man.

  11. Mercy Johnson have every reason to quit acting after her marriage. The stuff she is made of had been responsible for endless invitation to play some kind of awkward roles in numerous films you’d seen her perhaps kissing, caressing and in most cases being a ”run girl” who do every thing possible to take another woman’s husband in a Movie. These are roles she is noted for and play it so perfect that people now begin to say she do those thing in the physical. But I know movie making is all about make believe hence she have done her best to earn this prestigious position and now itt is time to move forward and settle for a more respectable part of the same industry. Happy marriage Mercy.

  12. hey mercy…am like a brother to you ,i will advice u not to quit acting because these is ur profession but you should try to be sincere to your man no matter what you do in a movie to try apply wisdom and never let urself be used just because u are acting movie,,,,just stay true to ur husband and keep on acting coz these is what you are known for and these is what you are called for …so just keep it going….if you quit that means you are fucking up big time …..i won’t like to see people saying shit about you after you have quit acting….stay true to your game and keep it real with ur husband…07036883495

  13. Happy married life,
    Although I will mise your strong, powerful, smiles and bold steps in the Nigeria Noolywood.

    You have taking a very good decision that will enable you to enjoy your marriage life please stick to it
    Thank you and may God richly bless you now and forever Amen.

  14. well u can go on, on your decision because what u have decided to do no one will ask you to stay back on it.on the other way round it seen that is your professional career, well it is only you will say yes or no.
    my own advice is you to continue with your career, may have been looking for this opportunity to call then but all are avail. you can not stop your destiny because of what people say or think some destiny are like that to criticize. so my dear people like when your new movie is publish,also people like to watch your movie


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