KIMBERLY RYAN: SHE Manager Vacancy

Job Title: SHE Manager

Location: Lagos
Roles And Responsibilities
The successful candidates will be required:
– To manage the OSHE teams responsible to deliver Occupational Health, Safety and Environment results.

– To improve safety, health and environmental records of the site.
– To ensure the site meets local and national standards.
– To ensure the reduction of accidents and occupational illness.
– To monitor environmental emissions from the site.
– To develop, deploy and implement plans to improve safety, health and environment records of the sites.
– To work with regulatory bodies on ensuring the site meets all local and national legal standards on Occupational Health, safety and Environment.
– To develop and implement monitoring plans to control OSHE issues on the site.
– To work on the deployment of Occupational Health policies on site to improve overall employees quality of life.
– To work on the deployment and implementation of OH, Safety and Environmental Improvements to reduce risks of accidents or occupational illnesses.
– To lead and develop the internal and external crisis committees and safety committee.
– To control all site major risks ensuring there are plans and actions to mitigate impact in cases of accidents.
– To work on an agenda to eliminate or reduce major site risks.
– To develop and implement and monitor the investment plans to reduce or minimize OSHE risks in the site.
– To work on the reduction of environment impact of our operations such as waste, effluent, emissions, carbon, and energy consumption.
– To run continuous risk assessment to point improvement required in the sites.
– To deploy the SHE strategy, policy and standards.
– To support serious incident investigation & analysis.
– To propose a site SHE strategy.
– To developing & deploying internal SHE auditing & inspection systems.
– To ensure compliance with statutory SHE requirements.
– To monitoring of work environment and/or environmental emissions.

Skill Set
The right candidates must:
– Possess B.Sc. in a science related discipline, engineering or any other numerate discipline (Possession of MBA will be an added advantage).
– Possess 3-5 years work experience in production process.
– Have detailed knowledge of the SHE procedures.
– Be computer literate (Ms- Word, Ms-excel, access)
– Have experience in SHE and Manufacturing/Cat Technologies would be highly preferred.


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