N200 billion illegally added to budget

President Goodluck Jonathan has returned the national budget to the House of Representatives on account of N200 billion items that were illegally inserted into the document. The lawmakers described the incident as a potential source of scandal and so called for an executive session. However, after the 2hrs closed door executive session aimed at providing explanations as regards the source of the illegal addition, the lawmakers remained bewildered and unable to come up with any satisfactory answers. THISDAY however learnt from a source that the said N200billion was inserted into the budget after the House and the Senate had harmonised their separate versions of the Bill.

How does N200 billion jump into a budget from “nowhere”?

Obanor Chukwuwezam


  1. Na today we know say na armed robbers dey dey senate & house of reps? It is unfortunate that we are in for another round of “say aye & say nay” of David Mark. Another wasted parliamentary session of no meaningful debate or articulate action. Shame on you, NASS.

  2. jesus xt!!N200b of taxpayers money!and they habitual thieves culdnt account 4 d crime they want us 2 c as a mistake!they shuld all b taken 2 d gallows and their lying heads chopd up and sent 2 their respective districts..if gudluck has kept mumm ova it d useles old skools wuld hav been having a hay day afta 29..may they neva c nxt yr’s may 29..bastard loozas!

  3. All their thinking everyday and night is how to loot.hopeless set of nonetities.thiefs,oleeeeeeeeeeee,barawoooooooooooooooo.u are a disgrace to the federal republic of Nigeria.

  4. Well, what can we say about these sets of legal robbers? They want to go home with millions of naira while it took blackmail from the Nigeria workers and the fear of the general election for them to pass the N18,000.00 minimum wage. They should not be allowed.

  5. how long wuld we continue 2 fold our hand and watch these fags screw us ova and ova again?!these parasites r sucking our blood while we do noting about it


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