The World Ends Today – 21st May 2011

Spurious claims have been made that the world will come to an end on 21st May 2011, while these claims originated from a Christain radio broadcaster whose religious network dubbed “Family Radio” is based in California, the rumor has spread even to Nigeria especially as the supposed day is now at hand.

Nigerians have been sending text messages to each other and some people made posts about it on their Facebook and Twitter pages, but can this really be? Despite the clamors that have been made in the years past as regards the end of the world, people still give ears to such talk. The world was supposed to end at the turn of the century as prophesied by a great number of religious leaders and sects but it didn’t, on the 6th of June 2006 (666) the end of the world prophesies sparked great fears but nothing happened, even on the 9th Sept 2009 (999), the world didn’t end and countless prophesies before that came to nothing. Then why all the fears, well lets examine the supposed evidence available:

It’s the anniversary of Noah’s Flood: Some scholars, including Camping, adhere to the theory that the Biblical Flood took place on May 21 in the year 4,990 B.C. Then, in Genesis, God told Noah seven days before the Flood to warn people of the impending cataclysm. And Camping posits that this figure, seven days, holds greater significance than meets the eye. According to the biblical passage 2 Peter 3:8, “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” Therefore, argues Camping, Rapture should occur 7,000 years after the Flood. And the 7,000th anniversary of the biblical deluge, by his math, falls on May 21, 2011.

It’s the anniversary of Creation … sort of: Another piece of evidence — explained by Family Radio affiliate eBibleFellowship — suggests that the world began in 11,013 B.C., and its 13,000th anniversary came and went in 1988. During that year, apparently on May 21, the end of the “church age” came to pass. Then, a 23-year time of “tribulation” began, during which Satan claimed dominion over all the world’s churches. (Camping also supports this notion. He claims that the number “23” also represents “destruction” in biblical symbology.

Divine Numerology: This elaborate line of reasoning first argues that Jesus Christ was killed on April 1 in the year 33 A.D. Using that date, the crucifixion would have occurred exactly 1,978 years and 51 days — or 722,500 days — before May 21, 2011. It turns out that 722,500 is also the product of an equation — (5 x 10 x 17)^2 — that includes three different numbers of significance, according to Camping. Five means “atonement.” Ten indicates “completeness.”And 17 signifies “heaven.” Thus: Armageddon – i09

Robert Jeffress, a pastor at the 13,000 member First Baptist Church, in Dallas, Texas, says that such predictions give non-Christians “one more reason to discount the Bible.”

In addition, he says “Camping’s false prediction” discourages people from taking the steps necessary when the real event occurs. – Forecast for tomorrow

There are a lot of problems with these arguments, the first and most obvious is that they all based on numbers and figures that are merely speculated, and not verifiable. Also the arithmetics performed to generate these figures does not account for the change in the speed of the Earth’s revolution around the sun over a long period of time, thus faulting it.

In any case, we’ll simply fold our hands and wait to see if indeed the world will end today.

Obanor Chukwuwezam



  1. Guess these pastors dont know what they are saying,cos all these are in contradiction with the bible which says no one knows when christ wud come,cos he wud come like a thief in the night.Now the coming of Christ for we christians is the significance of the end of the world,in this context these pastors are invariably saying they know when Christ is coming and His arrival date is 21st May,2011,very funny,they that believe that should go await Him at JFK cos He probably might come thru God’s own country,lol

  2. I think these persons who are saying that the world ends on 21st may 2011, are should be termed as the “false messengers of the era”(who are themselves indicators to the end of the world; as the Bible said ‘during the end of the world false preachers will be raised.’) . These peoples are placing them selves above Jesus Christ-because Jesus Him self has said that “He do not know the end to the world; except GOD”. there for, fearing is unnecessary rather than living according to the word of the God.

  3. why do people predict these stuff? They want so badly for the world to end? Sooo emo. And what happened to 2012? Seriously dudes, the world will end when it will end, or not end at all. And besides, people die every day. So if we die on May 21, it’ll just be like the other deaths, so what the heck. Live normally for a change.

  4. ‘In time all things shall pass away’. But no one knows what year, month, day or the time it’ll all passaway. How can somebody tell me that there would be an overall ‘earthquake’ on 21st may, 2011 by 6pm that would shake n collapse the entire inhabitant of the earth? Now that is what i call an expensive joke and it’s not funny at all. No one knows tommorow. So don’t be decieved, but have faith in GOD because the time of judgement would come but no one on this planet earth knows. Save your self…….pEacE.

  5. This is just evidence dat the end near,bcos Jesus spoke of false prophets at the last days(matt 21).
    This should rather help us to be prepared,but,the BIG QUESTION is,if the end comes now,where will u spend ur own eternity?
    Heaven is real and hell fire is also real. Repent and accept Jesus today.

  6. All these shows that the world will soon come to an end what i know that is written in the bible is no man knows the day not even the angels in heaven we should all be prepared for that day becos it will surely come

  7. the people who spread these news regarding the end of world are sick,harold of is such a sick case and moreover the people who follow them are the biggest dumb assess——-no one can predict the end of the world

  8. Only God knows the day. jesus lived on earth both as God and man. And as man he said he did not know the date. but his coming can be anytime,today,tomorrow,any day. how can a man assume the position of God to know the DAY and TIME. the scriptures cannot lie, he will certainly come but not for a man to say.


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