What does it really take to please Nigerians?

Since 1960, Nigeria has gone through several administrations, more of them military than civilian. Sadly, only very few of them have ever been widely popular with the people. Discontent with the civilian government over the supposed rigging of Nigeria’s first ever elections led the military to execute the first coup in 1966. The coup gave birth to several counter-coups either for reason of revenge or because of the prevalence of corruption and wide-spread dissatisfaction with the performance of the leadership.

Unfortunately the story has not changed till date, despite the numerous capricious changes in government, Nigerians have remained dissatisfied with every succeeding leader through the decades.


Amazingly the fact that this question has remained an enigma to Nigerian politicians shows how little they know about their followers and how superficial their commitment to the electorates is. The answer to this riddle is in fact a paradoxical one because it rests on the lips of the common man but remains hidden from those in power.

The answer do the basics; endeavor to solve at least one major problem.

The administration of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola has undoubtably gained massive popularity with Lagosians and even Nigerians living outside Lagos, but has Fashola done anything that is beyond his responsibilities as a governor?

Without undermining the remarkable performance of His Excellency Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, the truth remains that so far he has carried out his responsibilities to extents within the boundaries of the burden his post has placed on him. There is no public evidence showing  that he has used private funds to complete any project and he shouldn’t. What then has made his administration attract such goodwill? The answer is simple, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola has made unprecedented progress in tackling the problems associated with transportation in Lagos State.

Just think about it: What did OBJ achieve in his 8 year tenure? The answer most people give is that he brought the telecom industry into Nigeria, nothing else! Yet somehow, that answer seems good enough to pacify Nigerians.

Most Governors in Nigeria use their four years in office trying to spend a limited budget on an unlimited number of problems without monitoring any project properly. The result is that 10 projects are started and no project is completed.

To the new government to be inaugurated tomorrow, please know:

Nigerians don’t want the world, they just want results, clear and excellent results; even if in only few areas. A little is enough for us.

GEJ, you don’t need an 8 or 10 point agenda, if you can take care of national power supply and improve the standard of education in the country, every Nigerian will be glad.

If you’re a Nigerian and you agree or disagree with this opinion, please feel free to comment.

By Obanor Chukwuwezam


  1. What is governance? I will list just 7:-
    1. Make rules that must be obeyed and that must have a human face (even the president is answerable to such rules or laws).
    2. Provide basic amenities to those you govern- good roads, functional hospitals; housing or affordable housing materials (e.g. 1970 – 1 bag of cement @ N10; 40 years later 1 bag of cement @ N2200). Please compare the salary earner at the same proportional percentage.
    3. Educational reforms to meet universal standards that our students are a force to be reconed with.
    4. Security, that we can sleep with our two years closed.
    5. Jobs – (employment and creation – empowerment).
    6. Electricity.
    7. Religion – sacrosanct to all. Presently, the muslin take themselves to be to superior. Go to the Northern STATES, take the statistics of Muslim / Christian employees and check the enumerations. Figures don’t lie. Come to the Southern STATES and do a similar exercise. Let us have the figures.

  2. this is interesting, but dont forget that a leader must be able to keep hope alive. Now we are well fully aware that we all need power and good education system. now come to think of this. for those that are through with their educational programme and thay are into bussiness of power generator supply. what then is their gain with such Goverment agenda. Let no one makes mistake here. “Nigerians will survive in any situation” is just a consolation word. we are what we are, we are humans; still it doesnt mean we shouldnt be faithful after all the pledges at the inauguration.
    what i’m trying to say in essence is that a leader is a person that is able to oversee the problems of the followers, those two are important but is not enough. it will lead to crises. have you forgotten Agric and food supply, Oil sector e.t.c since all these sector has an organization. they will definately rise up and challenge the leader of not bying to their vision. lets be wise, it require wisdom to rule in Nigeria System of Governance. but until then La Paz a Cabo