58 Suspected Boko Haram Members Arrested Over Police Headquarters Bomb Blast

Indications that the bombers of the Police Force headquarters in Abuja last Thursday, may have bitten more than they can chew, emerged Sunday, when the Crack Investigating team, stormed Maiduguri, the Boko Haram headquarters and arrested 58 sect members including some Somali nationals.

Vanguard gathered that the 58 Boko Haram members were moved to Abuja, Sunday,  aboard a military aircraft and are currently being detained at the headquarters of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, amid heavy security provided by both members of the Mobile Police and the Anti-terrorist Squad.

The arrest of the 58 Boko Haram members with Somali nationals found in their midst, according to security sources, confirms the belief by the investigating team that Somali and Sudanese nationals with sympathy to the Boko Haram cause, are working in tandem with the Islamic sect to perpetrate havoc in the country.

SOURCE: Vanguard


  • D arrestd suspect had better be d ones,bcos nigerian police ar very proficient at arrestin innocent pple in order 2 show dt they ar doin their job

  • The govt only takes action when it happens to them. When boko haram were attacking the masses,we did not hear any arrest but as soon as the police hq was attacked, they immediately stormed maiduguri. Nigeria democracy should be defined as democracy for the rich and those in govt only and not for the people.

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