FIFA investigating Nigeria win over Argentina

BERNE, (Reuters) – Argentina’s 4-1 friendly defeat to  Nigeria is being investigated for possible match-fixing, by far  the highest-profile game to come under the microscope so far, soccer’s governing body FIFA said yesterday.

“FIFA can confirm that this match between Nigeria and  Argentina was one that we had an active interest in, and forms  part of a wider ongoing FIFA investigation,” said FIFA in a  statement.

“In particular, FIFA will be working closely with colleagues  at the FIFA early warning system.”

Refereree Ibrahim Chaibou of Niger awarded two controversial  penalties in the match, Victor Obinna converting for Nigeria in  the 27th minute and Mauro Boselli scoring for Argentina deep  into stoppage time with the last kick of the match. Manipulation of matches by gambling rings has become a major  concern for world soccer’s governing body FIFA and its European  counterpart UEFA and both monitor thousands of matches for  unusual betting patterns.

Last month, FIFA set up a partnership with Interpol and  announced it would donate 20 million euros over the next 10  years to fight the problem.

FIFA is currently investigating two international friendlies  played in Turkey in which seven penalties were awarded, one of  them taken twice. The six match officials involved have been  suspended pending the outcome.
FIFA has already tightened the rules around the arrangement  of international friendlies.

Both FIFA and UEFA say that match-fixers tend to target  lower-profile matches – often in the early qualifying rounds of  European competition, lower division of national leagues or  obscure international friendlies – to avoid attracting  attention.

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  1. Europeans has always been unfair about things link with Africans.
    FIFA’S major concern in the game between the Argentine and The Super Eagles of Nigeria is not just the betting over the game by some dignities nor the awarded penalties but the scores is the main issue.

    Assuming the Argentine s was able to defeat the Eagles that day all this investigations would not have been on .
    But the truth is that it grieves them seen Argentine lost that match not even to an European country but an African side, forgetting that any thing could happen in the game of football.

    Nigeria was too underrated by the Argentine, imagine u playing a team in the world cup beating them with a goal even with your first team it was difficult now expecting your second eleven to defeat that same team, how possible it is, people should see things from different perspectives.

    Who could believe France having a tough time with Slovakia during the world cup. Maybe they should expect an Academy from Argentine side to beat Nigeria also


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