Job Category: Statistician Cadre

Positions: Statistician Grade II, Statistician Grade I, Senior Statistician
Job Category: Administrative Officer Cadre
Positions: Administrative Officer Grade II, Administrative Officer Grade I, Senior Administrative Officer
Job Category: Accountant Cadre
Positions: Accountant Grade II, Accountant Grade I, Senior Accountant
Job Category: Programme Analyst Cadre
Positions: Programme Analyst Grade II, Senior Programme Analyst
Job Category: Legal Officer Cadre
Positions: Legal Officer Grade I
Job Category: Lecturer Cadre
Positions: Assistant Lecturer (Statistics), Assistant Lecturer (English), Assistant Lecturer (Geography), Assistant Lecturer (Business Studies), Assistant Lecturer (Mathematics), Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)
Job Category: Librarian Cadre
Positions: Librarian Grade II
Job Category: Statistician Extension Officer Cadre
Positions: Statistician Extension Officer
Job Category: Executive Officer (General Duties) Cadre
Positions: Executive Officer (General Duties)
Job Category: Data Processing Officer Cadre
Positions: Assistant Data Processing Officer
Job Category: Library Officer Cadre
Positions: Assistant Library Officer, Library Officer
Job Category: Confidential Secretary Cadre
Positions: Confidential Secretary Grade III, Confidential Secretary Grade II, Confidential Secretary Grade I


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