“Al-Qaeda Plans to use Nigeria as headquarters” British Intelligence

According to this article published in the UK Mirror, British Spy Chiefs have reason to believe that Al Qadea has plans of turning Nigeria into its headquarters.

Spy chiefs have warned David Cameron that al-Qaeda is determined to make Nigeria a base for plotting terror attacks on the West.
Radical Islamic groups in the West African nation are dramatically stepping up their campaign, security sources said.

Boko Haram – whose name means “Western education is sinful” – wants Sharia law in the mostly Muslim, oil-rich country, where half of people live in poverty.

The group boasts its jihadists are ready to make the country ungovernable and bombings by “the Nigerian Taliban” have already killed hundreds.

One British official said: “There are dozens of flights every day from Lagos to London. We either help stop the terrorists here, or we will be dealing with them on the streets of Britain.”

The UK has said it will increase aid but Catholic agency CAFOD said: “What they need is sustained commitment to peace, democracy and good government. They need foreign companies to create jobs, not take resources.”
Source: mirror.co.uk


  1. The blank truth is that the so called Al-Qaeda (a branch of Saudi brand of Islam) sent to disterbalised Soviet sponsord Afgan government, in the days of the cold war, is nothing but Western (Capitalist) tool created delibratly by at first the British in the 17th century (when it recriuted saud and Ibn Wahab) and now teleguided by Isreal/Americal intelegent servicies. the aim is to contol the resources of nations with large Musli population. Nigeria, is different. Niether the so called terror group nor thier masked Western teleguiders can fool in one. We intend to take care of our destiny, no matter how. to hell with the you two!

  2. Stupid western press, they gloat as if they are the only capable souls on this planet. We Nigerians a perfectly capable of developing our own strategy in the face of an evolving threat. This idiots even went further to describing the country as a mainly Muslim country. They gloat of themselves as if they are invincible. Nigeria is NOT the same size as your little britain.


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