Marine Engineer Vacancy
Job Description
• Primary function is to run and actively participate in the Marine vessel performance monitoring (VPM) program.
• To support the Marine Lead on technical matters related to ships, barges and all other marine vessels.
• To provide marine engineering expertise to all project management teams using marine vessels.
• To advise and actively participate, when required, in the Marine pre-hire vessel selection and • To plan, organize, execute and monitor the quarterly VPM
• Administrate the vessel inspection and Marine database and generate KPI’s for contractor performance
• Participate in Pre-hire inspections and administrate reports within the database
• Investigation of vessel deficiencies reported by vessel leads, advise on rectifying actions to be taken by contractors.
• Offshore vessel Incident investigation team member.
• Advise projects on matters of class, flag and port state engineering requirements.
• Follow up inspections to verify contractors have closed out deficiencies. inspection process.
Job Requirements
• STCW 95 iii/2 Class 1 (motor) Certificate of Competency – Marine Engineering engines of more than 3000kw
• High level of marine systems knowledge, skill and experience
• Minimum 10-15 years experience to include 2 years time served as Chief Engineer or 5 years served as second Engineer of Towing, AHT and PSV Vessels, Shore Side Marine Engineering Operations in Management of Vessels, a sound knowledge of all IMO and Class Requirements
Opened to Locals and Expatriates