Catastrophic Flood in Lagos

By Arigbabuwo AdemolaThe Flooding of Lagos
Lagos has been in chaos the past few days, as endless rains fell all day. The city was in a total mess as it was impossible to differentiate between roads and gutters. It was a spectacle but hardly a pleasant one. It carried away vehicles and flooded buildings, some houses started floating on water as though they were ships. It has been confirmed that some people lost their life due to the flood.

The volume and intensity of the downpour caused the Lagos state government to declare a school-free day for secondary and primary school pupils. The rain has put fear into the hearts of many, the damage done is extensive as people have lost valuable property and some even moved out of their homes due to the flood. Lagosians are advised to be extra-careful as they move around as some mini-rivers have been created along the streets. We pray things don’t get any worse.
God Help Us.