Child Born With 34 Fingers and Toes

A little boy stunned medics after being born with 34 fingers and toes, Akshat Saxena had seven fingers on each hand and ten toes on each foot — but no thumbs. Mum Amrita said: “I was so happy to see my baby as it was our first child. But later, when I saw his fingers, I was shocked and surprised.”

She said: “He read on the internet about the baby born in China. Then he said that my boy has broken the record of having 34 fingers.

“At first I was not convinced at all. It was hard to believe that my son has broken the record.

“But later, he along with my husband and younger sister registered the data on the internet.”

The previous record holder was a six-year-old boy in China who had 15 fingers and 16 toes amounting to 31 digits.

Akshat, from Uttar Pradesh, northern India, has since had surgery to remove the excess digits which supposedly results from a condition known as polydactyl as and doctors are trying to construct thumbs from the fingers they amputated.


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  2. Christians are not afraid of anyone. It’s obvious that Christianity is a peaceful religion for they’re like Christ.

    Talking about Islamic Banking; am a Christian and see nothing wrong with Islamic Banking System. Islamic Banking is meant for Muslims whose religion does not encourage interest for money.

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  8. It is better u do some thing about the child,if i am to say, the child is not from God atall.the best advise i have for the parent is for them to leave the fingers and the toes instead of oparation. Parent take heart such is life God will give u the best in the nest prayer to God is for him to help the world for these strange things happening all over the world and i also pray to God to console the parent of the child and my advice to them is for them to take the child as their child and show him love. Thanks.

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  13. It is really unfortunate that we are viewing this issue from the religion point of view. To start with, the initial name was ‘NON-INTEREST BANKING’ but the press and those against it started calling it ‘ISLAMIC BANKING’ because, it originated from the Islamic fate. Let consider it benefit. In Nigeria, one of the medium through which small scale industry, businesses, et.c. is through collection of loan of which, it interest rate are too exhorbitant. But with NON-INTEREST BANKING , you only pay back what you borrow which is beneficial to all the customers and not the Muslim alone. Also in terms of the ruling system of Nigeria which is secular which is not and Islamic or christain ruling but uses any so long it is beneficial to the mass. So, why not give this a chance too,to help Nigerian people and Nigeria as a whole from its economic mess. More so, most of Nigeria’s policies, legislatures, holidays and calender system, and system of ruling in general are from the missionary who came christainity and western education and the Nigerian Muslim did not kick against all those. So, why not accept the NON-INTEREST BANKING also and let see how it will help develop the Nigerian economy. Nigeria is ours(all Nigerians), let put sentiment, ethnic or tribal and Religous issue aside and put hands together and elevate this country beyond the imagination of the whole world and build a great nation. Thank you!!!

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