Femi Falana: Former Borno State Governor Had A Relationship With Boko Haram

Lagos-based lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, on Thursday asked former Governor of Borno State, Alli Modu Sheriff, to come out clean on his relationship with the Boko Haram Islamic sect.

Sheriff, who was accused of being the godfather of the sect, had visited the Presidential Villa on Wednesday to deny alleged links with the group.

Falana, who spoke in an interview with our correspondent, said the former governor was not speaking the truth when he said he had nothing to do with the sect.


Mr. Femi Falana said that the boys were involved in the former Governor’s campaign and that the former Governor legalised Sharia in a secular state. He also said that Sheriff made a member of the sect, Mr. Buju Foi the Commissioner For Religious Affairs, Foi is said to have resigned because of corruption. In addition, according to Falana, Sheriff and Boko Haram went separate ways after the resignation of Foi. He says the sect has accused Sheriff of being the architect of the extrajudicial killings of Foi and Mohammed Yusuf who was his Father-in-law and the leader of Boko Haram.

The lawyer said, “He is trying to cover up, he has apologised to the sect. What was the apology for if the allegations were baseless and he hasn’t offended the sect?”

So far, the originators and supporters of the ruthless Boko Haram extremists are yet to be brought to book and the secrets of the arcane group remain shrouded in deep dark mystery. But do you think the above indications are enough to point fingers at the former Governor?


  • The uncontrolable activities of boko haram in northern part of this country is not for the sake of Islam. Movement of boko haram is absolutely against the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (SAW). What are the efforts of islamic leaders in the north to check boko haram? What are the roles of IBB, Atiku, Buhari and others in the matter?

  • What are d aims and objective of d so called Boko haram? Gov’t should pls. Listen 2 their opinion 2 avoid and 2 stop unneccessary Bombing and killing of innocent soul in d country.

  • Nigerians need to be sensitive about the names to be attack in the list of boko haram. What are the offences of vice president,Aliyu Babangida.Alimod serif and others? Is it true that boko haram really mean to attack these people? SSS need to interrogate all the names in the list of boko haram.

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