Frank Edoho and Katherine Edoho Get a Divorce – Frank accused of wife beating

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire presenter, Frank Edoho has instituted divorce proceedings against his wife, Kathrine.

Frank Edoho explains his reasons for divorce based on the “life threatening behaviours” coming from his wife.

Katherine Edoho an NTA newscaster and one of the founders of  the show A.M Express has been interviewwed severally on the issue and has accused Frank of constantly beating her.

Both parties agreed to seperate in a peaceful manner, Frank has since placed his wife and children on a very lavish allowance.

Good luck to them as they go their seperate ways.


  1. Honestly, I am shocked by this story, what are these figures modeling to the public. They are breaking their vows made before the public and GOD. “When you fail in the time of adversity your strength is small,” They have forgotten the “for better or for worse, …, till death do us part” solemn oath they took. Well before men they may be separate and so before as long as none of them marries again, else they’ll be sources of offenses and woe betides such.
    I admonish that they repent and turn to GOD to help them heal their marriage.

  2. Well, Frank on a very, very, very hot-hot-hot seat. He has three life options: Phone a friend or ask the public and or 50-50.

    Friend: The Bible
    public: Those who attended their wedding ceremony
    50 -50: Divorce and remain unmarried for life till death do self part

  3. i was shock wen i had d message well tins do come dis way and dey have to settle it not divorce and do tins right wen makeing oath dey did not say dis is wat will happen after den misunderstanding usually comes up in marriage and husband and wife do settle it. it is very funnyyyyyyy

  4. Frank and Kath, how sure are u dat in ur next marriage there will be no course for divorce. Bether think twice, there is no problem dat does not have solution, u ar just adding salt 2 d wound. Be wise!

  5. Frank and kath,pls and pls i think divorcing will not solve dis problem rather calling on JESUS who is de prince of peace,who will heal ur broken hearts and restore peace, love and joy 2 ur family,who can transform ur marriage.
    I advice de both of u 2 pls retrace ur steps and reconsider de decision u are about 2 take.
    Think about ur children,de loving moment and time u had together,don’t give devil any opportunity.pls do listen 2 de advice of beloved here.

  6. Iam very sure dis guy might ve been patient for a very longtime now! Before he try to decided dis way. u will not like to be where there is no peace. well frank is up to u to decide!!!!!! To cal a friend,50-50 or to leave!!! which one is ur final answer?

  7. Is dis ur final answer, what abt d certificate given to u during ur wedding, will u tear it ow or still keep it, knowing fully well dat marriage is only school where u get certificate before running d course, it means now u have failed, therefore, u must rerun d course otherwise u will carry it over and dat is spill over, the consequence is always not palatable, think twice b4 u finally walk away.

  8. Wooo! Am speechless. Frankyy of all people watz happenin? Thats not a good way of solving this problem my question goes to you and your wife ” where is that FIRST LOVE”? I thought you said “I DO” to each other so what’s happening now? Can’t you solve the problem without letting the whole nation to know? Mind you that, sometimes marriage is sweet and sometimes is bitter but it depends the way you handle your own. Divorcing is not the right solution because you might not save or knw how to handle your second marriage. Think twice

  9. what a huge slap on u both most especially the well know frank, but we cant decide for u but think abt d oath u both took on ur wedding day and ur children, let their be upbringing from both parents to the children and remember dis(for better for worse), pls let there be understanding and i’m sure with God things like dis wont repeat itself again. let we d young ones copy d good from all d elders including u both not d other way round.

  10. Frank, u are an icon to so many young up-coming presenters. Women are natural problems on earth. U must learn to tolerate them at all times.Even God who created them is not at rest due to their problems. Guy, just forgive and make things up at-least for the sake of your children Big ups guy.

  11. Frank and kate, remember that whatsoever the Lord has joined togrther, no man should put asunder. If dare divoce, it means none of u should get married again according to the bible. Stop beating ur wife for heaven sake. Both of u should forgive each other as there is no married without conflict.

  12. Frank and kathrine i beg you in the name of God and for the sake of the wellbeing of your children,reconsider this divorce issue its not the best,there are other options than seperation.Remember there is no true love without querrells and you and your wife are no exceptions.You are public figures and are expected to play a positive role in moulding the character of your numerous fans,now is your actions what you want us to emulate?,infact God will not forgive any Court or Judge who grants your prayer of divorce.Frank you better reconsider before the seat becomes too HOT.

  13. oops,,,,this is a heart breaking news.I ne’er expected such a news at least,not 4rm Frank $ Kath.Rememba love does not keep record of wrongs(1Cor.13:5b).What wld u have 2 say 2 ur children if dey’re goin d wrong way?Youths out there lyk me whom u’ve affected? Non of u is free 2 re-marry as it wld be anoda set of sin on its own (adultery) as far as non of u is dead.Go back & give a second thought 2 ur decision.

  14. You guys should ask how Frank came to marry his wife. He never loved her and she never loved him. This marriage was done to assuage Frank’s broken heart when his heartthrob eloped from him few weeks to his wedding. His present wife happened to be his fiancee’s best friend and in the process of consoling Frank got entangled with him and she got pregnant and the option was to marry her to avoid embarrassment. Years have healed Frank’s wounds and with affluence made from the connections his wife might have pushed his way he now decides to go solo and walk away from his wife. Maybe he has reconnected back with his former fiancee who knows. The world is wicked

  15. Frank, I admire u so much and ur wife, Kate. She is my role model. Frank pls whatever the problem may be, forgive her cos she is a woman. Women are the weaker vessel. Remember, she was on her own when u found her. Do not leave a life mark on her heart. She is only but a woman who needs a man like u despite what. Remember, d pleasure of Love is but 4 a moment bt d pain of LOVE is 4 a lifetime. Pls. 4 d sake of ur reputation, ur Fans, above all ur God, Take her back and don’t discuss ur family outside again. It is 2 of u 2gether, 4 beta 4 worst, Pls Frank, Mind u, u re in a hot sit.

  16. Frank, before both of you walk away, while not finished all your live lines-
    1. Ask the audience- advise from people, friends, relatives and elders.
    2. Phone a friend- pray to God for help, ask for God’s mercy and healing on your marriage.
    3. 50 – 50: consider both options.

  17. How do i go about this…… Frank, i’ll go with you first. Na man u be and head of the house. Me won’t go all spiritual with you but earthly, Kate na fine woman and only u knows her from within ur marriage with her. This should not be a problem since u guys dated before marriage. Abi una no date? And this thing about u couple having been all over the news started when u started been a celebrity on WWTBAM….na fine boy u be and gals must to flaunt around u but if u go do the flaunting DON’T DO IT INFRONT OF HER cos na woman she be and her ego will be at stake.
    As for u Kate, you are my first love on T.V always admired u…..or rather had a crush on you and since i knew u were rolling with my pal Frank i raise my hands up. It’s rather tougher when u police ur man around but simpler to turn a blind eye to some issues concerning your man. I be guy and i know how we dey misbehave when fame comes even without fame we still dey maya so i’ll suggest face him at home and forget anything that goes on outside……a way to change a sensible man who has gone astray.
    Hope u guys read this!!!! One love to ur marriage.

  18. My Prized Brother Frank,

    Pls steer clear of the devil, rebuke him, her or it. Reclaim ur wife, ur marriage and ur solemnity. U should’nt have been pushed to raising ur hands on her in the first place, no matter how – it’s devilish, barbaric and evil. Both of u are too fine to give the devil a chance. Pls bury your shame and pride, come together, settle it prayerfully and amicably. I beg u.

    … Benny

  19. Greatness is often revealed by test and trials.Frank,tough times dont last but tough people do!if u fail in ur marital life definitely u cant succeed 100% in other area of ur grow up man and rebuild ur family for d sake of ur children.God help u!

  20. plssssssssssssssss for God sake, frank & kathy dont shame me oh! Dont know wat has gone wrong but i know one who is the institutor of marriage,He can mend every wrong &give u both peace that surpasses human understanding.
    Frank, God has brought kathy into ur life to fulfill a particular role likewise frank in kathy’s life.u need help,meet chazB on inspiration fm to hook u-up wit good counsellors. ur enemies’ll not laugh over u & ur children’ll not suffer any pschological tauma from wat u guys’re planing 2do.i know there are so much distractions out dr,take sumtime out & be alone to iron things out.

  21. Oh my God! This is really shocking! Is this suppose 2 be a news or are they asking 4 people’s opinion? Well, if u ask me, i wuld say let them re-consider their nuptials. But on the other hand, the matter has gone beyond wat we the public culd interfer or settled. Because life threat is involved and the man is accused of wife-barter. Though it’s not in the best interest of the family 2 part. Unless they have no children 2 show 4 the marriage. But on a more serious note, people who are reacting 2 this shuld be more liberal and humane in this matter, somebody’s family is in shambles here and some people are busy here making jest of it. My very last advise 2 Frank on this matter is dat he shuld take a very wise decision on this. Considering the fact dat ‘women are necessary evil’ moreso, ‘the devil u know is better dan the angel u don’t know’. He (FRANK) had already gone too long on this road 2 turn back now.

  22. I strongly believe that marriage is forever. If the story of wife beating is true, then Frank should be remanded. Also going public on twitter to justify his actions as Frank did earlier this week is plainly immature. For Kate, get a grip on yourself and love God deeply. A day of vindication will always come. Finally, both parties should forgive and move on.

  23. Frank. God will not ask of ur millions nor would he ask of ur popularity….but he will inquire of thee if thou has been faithful with the vine (your wife) he gave you. Watch out satan is interested in marriages to pull it down because it was ordained by God.

  24. It’s unbelievable dat d story is real.but anyway if dat should b d case,i wil appeal to frank & kath to learn how to forgive and forget because marriage is meant to b enjoyed and also remember dat dis is part life experience and always remember word of God in any action dat wil b taken .best of luck

  25. Waaooo really dont know what to say neva expected such a decision from yhu Frank of all people well wateva d problem is i think u should find a way of resolving d issue with ur wife rather than considering a divorce PLS STOP THIS ACTION U ARE ABOUT TO TAKE THE WORLD IS WATCHING

  26. Most people reason in a myopic way wen it comes to marriages.when marriage has failed it has failed.Remember u r not d one dat told them to get married , also vice versa.Women dis days wants their husbands to b submisive to dem rather than d other way round.Expecially d one dats has financial independece.They compete with d male follks and so on nd so forth.The worst now is betrayal from most of them in terms of adultery.some times on d grounds dat their husband was did. What a bulshit.I must tell u this case of adultery on the side of a wife u hold so high is usuallu irrecociliable.It is usually d dsilent factor causing of intergrity usuaaly do not accept dis.A man can forgive her wife on so many offenses but not dis.some men who absorbed it die gradually not able to to say d disgrace their wife brot to dem

  27. Frank is really on a hot seat rightnow n have just used 2 of his live lines but got phone a friend as d only remaining option. Ur time starts now, but instead of Frank to call God, he chose walking away as his final answer. A round of applause for him by the audience.