National Identity Management Commission Uncovers 4000 Ghost Workers

4000 ghost workers have been found on the payroll of the National Identity Management since it completed its biometric data capture exercise.

The Director-General, NIMC, Mr. Chris Onyemenam, said “We did biometric data capture for the employees of the commission and it was amazing to find out that out of the 10,300 employees on the payroll, 4,000 were ghost workers. We have also penciled down over 800 names of employees, who couldn’t come for the process,”.

Onyemenam, however, said the biometric data capture technology, which helped weed out the ghost workers of the commission, would be used for the country’s identity management project.

He said “This would not only enhance identity management system in Nigeria, but both the public and the private sectors would be able to ascertain who they were dealing with at any point in time,” .

Onyemenam said the NIMC would begin the generation of unique National Identity Numbers for Nigerian citizens from August 1 and that the numbers will be issued to all Nigerians over the next 60 months after the recipients’ biometric data would have been collected for national identity management purpose.

Question: Who’s been receiving the salaries being paid to these “ghost workers”  all these years?



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