New Salary For NYSC Members

After much clamour to scrap the NYSC scheme, the Federal Government has finally made an applaudable move in line with its promises to review the NYSC scheme with the aim of improving the welfare of the national youth corpers. In a statement made publicly via a news feature on NTA News on Monday night, the Director General of Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps announced that the monthly salary for corpers around the country has been increased to about N19,800.

This represents an increase of about 103% from the previous monthly rate of about N9,775. The announcement was made following approval from President Goodluck Jonathan and it is said that the new rate would apply from March 2011. Hence those who would have passed out after the March new date would be paid their arrears.


  • it is of great fortunity for us new graduate that the new salary scheme wil benefit.but what stil burdering my mind is that of insecurity of the corp members. The federal gov should quickly react to this,becouse we are the hope of our family. Even if ‘que sera sera’.’what will happen will happen’ we stil need it.and one more thing is the money of the federal gov scholar will we not be given any more. We’ve work hard and have a good grade and even did interview but heard nothing any more ever. Pls the gov. We are now graduating, pls pay our money.

  • pls we need the federal gov to pay all federals school their siwes has been 3 years now that they av paid the money,asking for our right and all universities.thanks 4 consideration

  • Thanks to God almighty,president Gudluck Jonathan,NLC and all patrotic Nigerians for making this increase a possibility.moreso,life is beta than money we need assurance on the security of corps wherever they are posted to not only in the north.killer,kidnappers are also to desist from compounding our prolems in this country God bless Nigeria

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