PDP Calls For Fashola’s Resignation Over Floods in Lagos; ACN Responds

The Lagos state chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has demanded for the “immediate resignation” of the governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola over the flooding of most parts of the state on Sunday.

The party also demanded an unreserved apology from the governor and the payment of adequate compensation to the families of those who lost their lives and property in the flood.

The party’s publicity secretary in Lagos State, Taofik Gani, made this known in a statement on Wednesday, where it sympathised with residents affected by the two-days heavy downpour.

PDP described the disaster as “an avoidable trauma,” insisting that the state government could have done more to prevent the flooding.

“Contrary to the claim by the state government that Lagosians dump refuse and build on the drainage, the actual cause of the flooding is lack of proper drainage. It is uncomplimentary for the state government to accuse Lagos residents for its own negligence, dereliction of duty and maladministration,” the statement read.

According to the party, the state government had over the years failed to clear primary drainage in the state which resulted in last Sunday’s floods. It also alleged that the blocking of waterways by construction companies also contributed to the flooding.

More blame

Blaming the government for the ongoing Eko Atlantic project, the PDP claimed that the unnecessary sand filling of lagoons, seas and the ocean by the state government also raised the water level of the ocean.

The statement further lamented the frequent collapse of buildings and loss of lives in Lagos State as it blamed the continued collapse of buildings in the state on the inability of the state to punish government officials involved in the monitoring of building construction.

The PDP then called on the state government to provide affordable housing for the people as a way of making substandard buildings unattractive.


In a more recent development ACN has responded to PDP’s aggravation through her National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed saying  that “the government of Lagos state was highly proactive and responsive over the flooding, hence it deserves commendation rather than condemnation.”

“It said if PDP’s warped logic in calling for Gov. Fashola’s resignation were to be extended, then President Goodluck Jonathan should by now have resigned from office over the worsening insecurity in the land, especially from the rampaging Boko Haram; over the devastating kerosene scarcity for which his government has no clue; over the skyrocketing cost of diesel and the ballooning exchange rate for the Naira, not to talk of the worsening state of infrastructure.”

Sounds like a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black?


  1. The Government has it WRONG, the PDP has it wrong, the insignificance of properly draining procedures must be implemented from the mouth of the ocean, to the canals and rivers which needs to be drenched, cut, and excavated by design building those channels that will, inhibit much of the drainage system from the homes to the streets channeling to the rivers to the ocean.
    The blame should not be misconstrued by one party over the other.
    If anyone should be blamed its the local government on up to the highest State and Federal Republic Government officials, which means to eliminate the extortion process from lying scammers, fraudsters dealing with fraudulent activity but, to implement a logical and rational Nigeria and not one that inhibits fraud and scams …. Crap rolls downhill as the blame rolls uphill.
    Nigeria certainly needs a future and, the benefits can be so rewarding that ALL of it’s citizens should reap and share in the rewards and, not tailored to just the government members and officials alone. Time to get rid of the Government officials, making a bad name for the countrymen and citizens of Nigeria.
    First in order is “Waste Water Management” This is to include, modern waste facilities, including the drainage system, water filtration system (clean drinking water), capturing the water for farms and irrigation, including the employment of those citizens in the outline communities.
    If someone with a brain in your government wants to listen, please send me a response and, we can certainly get a team into your country and provide you an adequate cost analysis with, marketing and investors to create, design and implement this major project geared towards the future of Nigeria.
    No scammers please, No lying government officials, No bullcrap sentiments from any private entities, insurance groups lying to make a buck ($)

  2. Why do we people see the truth and try 2 cover it up.the NPS of ACN Alhaji lai muhammed has said it all the pot calling the the kettle black.compare it:2920 days or more that PDP member party rule d us and was unable 2 solve the problem of electricity which lead 2 starvation of many nigerians or even death TO 2 days rainfall which might have resulted in U and I sins .tell me will drainage stop God’s work or FASHOLA or U or ME.Do u say indonasia did not have drainage or china.if ur answer is YES.why are we now condemming others over God’s work.let’s all move away 4rm sins the without drainage we will live successfuly.The rule is:sins toward the creator=punishment of any kind

  3. can someone get me a very good cane to flog this useless caucus called PDP?useless set of people who have no basis.is fashola God that caused the flood?if something worse than flood had occurred would they still have the voice to call for his resignation?SHAME!A BIG SHAME TO ALL OF YOU!BOOT LICKERS!God will prevail