Photo Of Young President Jonathan

This is a picture of President Goodluck Jonathan in his younger days.

What do you think?


  1. @Alabi Abiodun boko haram… am telling all the country needs is strength its too weak… for example we claim to have one of the best MILITARY yet to what outcome… all the government needs to do is arrange like 20 or 30 trained military boys to round up those guys and am telling you so called boko HARAM will be boko HISTORY ;)… lol

  2. if my children who are calld by my name shall humble themselves, rent their cloth, i will heal their land, i believe the believer’s prayer can make a change in this country, remember, as long as moses hand is lifted there must be victory, and isrealite need to held that hand up. goodluck need the believers in nigeria to help him in prayer. lets not relent cos he that is with us is greater than he that is in the world.

  3. I strongly believe that if our emiable president, Goodluck can take a proactive measure in averting this so refered, islamic fundermentalist sect widely known as bokoharam, from staining the hallowed image of this great nation of ours, it will do all of us good and also secure a brighter future for our thousands youth. I must confess that they know that voilence pays no good, lets help our selves so that god will help us build a mighty nation of our dream. Thanks Enyinnaya Emmanuel 08063141927 for more info…