Target Locked

By Michael Onobote

So this is what they say about commitment. Staying true to that one purpose right?


I discovered that successful people were not people who necessarily had found their passion but had also stayed committed to it.


I let my imagination entertain me one time and I could see a trained archer (guy that’s an expert in the use of a bow and arrow) doing what he does best – shooting arrows at a target. He hardly misses his target; he’s trained for it all his entire life.


On this day, he’s at it again, but this time something’s at stake because every shot he fires has to hit that target.

He views the horizon, breathes in deep and lets out the tension. The fogs present as usual but as always he knows how to hit his target. That’s all he lives for so I mean it wouldn’t hurt to spend his whole life on firing at this target.


On a certain day, he reaches for his back pouch…WHAT? No arrows to shoot again. That’s strange because he really never anticipated that to happen. A thought then flashes through his mind; he could just remove from the arrows he’d been firing for years.


He walks the distance and he sees a tree just before he reaches his target board; right there some arrows are stuck to it…just like his. He ignores them and moves ahead to find his own target-board with his arrows. Right there, he saw an empty target board and then the reality hit him.


All these years he had been firing accurately but at the wrong target!


A wise-man once said, if you don’t know where you’re going, everywhere would look like it. And another said:

“Our greatest fear should not be fear of failure but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter”


You can’t use the map of Ghana to locate somewhere in Nigeria, you’ll only get to the wrong place faster.

Many people fall into this category, you’ve got ambitions, goals and projections into how you want your future to be…that’s Very good and I support it too. But are you firing your arrows into the right target?


Ask yourself and you’d be amazed the depth of things that’ll reveal themselves to you. Do you find fulfillment and peace in whatever vocation you’re into? Do you realize you might actually earn a lot from a job but never be happy doing it? Are you planning to venture into the labour market? Or are you working to discover more of the archer in you whose target will hit the bull’s-eye?


These and many more we should ask ourselves as the little archer develops in us; learning not just how to fire but to hit the right target. The God up there is always ready to put his arms around you, hold your hands steady and help you point it at the target. All you need to do is let go of the arrow and let it pierce through every air of doubt and fear with clarity of purpose.

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