Zaaki Azzay goes into TV

Popular Nigerian musician Zakki Azzay recently stepped into the realms of television shows. Zaaki Azzay who has one of the longest music careers in Nigeria has unveiled his television programme True Nigerian.

According to Zakki “This programme is about Nigeria. For eighteen years I have been singing songs of peace and unity about Nigeria. One day, I thought it’s high time I did something strong for my nation and so I decided to go into television production and do this programme to celebrate our own.”

Zakki said the programme which currently runs on NTA and HiTV targets at identifying new role models for Nigerians to emulate and encouraging healthy competition among Nigerians to outdo each other’s good works and build true Nigerian foundations to essentially celebrate Nigerians both at home and in diaspora.

Already, the programme already has aired seevral episodes; some of which showcased Professor Pat Utomi, Chief Dele Momodu and former President Olusegun Obasanjo who had attempted to sing and rap on the programme. – Vanguard

I can imagine our very own Baba Iyabo aka OBJ singing rap on TV, (jor oh!!) hilarious! I have to watch this programme. He should invite Babangida to sing a love song, I wonder what that would feel like…


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