A Personal Interview with Al-Mustapha

I had some spare time on my hands today so I decided to conduct an imaginary interview with Mr. Al-Mustapha who is currently one of the most trending topics in Nigeria and whose trial has had the media abuzz since the last two weeks or so.

Good day Mr Al-Mustapha, so nice to have you here. You’ve been on trial for about fourteen years but within the last 2 weeks you have shared some very interesting information. In the opinion of some, you have cast aspersions on Yoruba leaders of great renown because you are trying to throw the trial into confusion. What do you have to say about this?

Well… err errm..*clears throat*… The truth is bitter and people don’t like to hear it because some times it is easier to believe lies. Like I said during the trial I don’t know if Bola Ige knew of the role he played in compromising the June 12 mandate or not and like I have said my trial is unfair. I am being persecuted by powers that know I can expose them. They want to silence me, that is why I have decided to start revealing the truth.

So you mean to say Ige and Adesanya who were known to have fought for Abiola with their lives compromised, but you, an integral part of the aggressive and dictatorial military regime struggled vigorously and uncompromisingly for Abiola during his trying moments

I can tell you that more than once I did things to secure Abiola and his family. Things that no one else would do, when Kudirat died I even went to see Abiola. I helped Abiola gain access to military authorities even Abacha, sometimes you only see those you are at the front but it is those at the back that may be doing the real work.

In one of your comments you said “Abiola’s family is my family”, why didn’t you come out with all the evidence you had about Abiola’s death immediately after Abacha died. If you really loved Abiola, why did you wait till your own life was on the line before exposing the “truth”

You see, you don’t understand the kind of powers that rule this country but I know. If I had tried to do anything they would have finished me, they made it impossible for me to talk and at that time there was the unity of the country to think about.

Really? but you said it yourself that Gani Fawehemi visited your cell and asked you to tell him all you know about the issue irrespective of the consequence. Why didn’t you speak then?

*sighs* You don’t believe what I’m telling you. I have a video tape to prove that if I had spoken they would have killed me without any court proceedings. You just watch.

He brings out video tape and plays it. The video tape shows Al-Mustapha talking to someone who seems to be a more senior ranking officer. The sound is unclear but Al-Mustapha is looking down while the other seems to speak with a menacing and condescending look on his face. After some seconds Al-Mustapha’s mouth falls open. The man wears a very hard scowl and puts up his hand in finality. Video ends after 1minute.

You see, that tape recording was in 1999, after Abacha’s death. It proves that if I had spoken they would have killed me.

No Sir, that video does not say or prove that they were going to kill you if you revealed the truth.

You don’t understand. There is what we call the frown of death and that was what he did, I’m telling you, they would have killed me and whosoever I spoke to if I had opened up. I have another video tape here to prove what i am telling you but I think we should go on to another question, errm… errm *clear throat*. The room is too stuffy for me to play that video tape, the air conditioner has stopped working.

Okay. In your defense you said you didn’t kill or order for the killing of Mrs. Kudirat Abiola or of course that of her husband. So far you have not owned up to any murder, either as the perpetrator, accomplice or privy to any murder. Yet you were the Chief Security Officer in a military era, one which Nigerians regard as the most dictatorial and brutal of all the military eras. As CSO, one would regard you as the right hand of Abacha’s jugdement; his axe, so how is it that you have so far absolved yourself of the murders in that era.

Concerning Mrs. Abiola and the other murders of that era, I am innocent. I mean, I was the CSO not a mere soldier. I wasn’t necessarily supposed to carry weapons unless the situation warranted it. I wasn’t involved in murders.

But Sir, you must have at some points ordered men under your command to carry out some of the extrajudicial killings the Abacha era was known for or at least must have been well aware of them, after all you were the CSO?

I am an innocent and a kind man, believe me, my only concern was Abacha’s safety not the demise of others

In that case what were you doing while you were C.S.O to Nigeria’s most hated leader ever. I mean the very safety of a man like Abacha must have meant the demise of certain people.

Well, as C.S.O, I was always praying for Abacha. I was like a man of God in Aso rock, I never ordered for any one’s demise. You see, I and Abacha were brothers in faith. And only God can protect, so as CSO  I used to pray for God to secure him. That is why so many of my brothers have been attending my trial. As Chief Security Officer I prayed for the security of the nation.

You mean it???

Yes of course, I am a very religious man and that is why I want everyone to know the truth.

Recent findings have it that Ibrahim Babangida, who was the Head of State that annulled the June 12 elections wants you released. Why do you think this is?

You see, Babangida is one of the few good men in Nigeria. He knows the truth considering that he was very much part of the system at the time. He knows I am innocent and that I can expose the real perpertrators, Abiola and Babangida were “very good friends” like Babangida himself said so he want the real culprits, those who killed  his friend to be caught. If those cabals of people are caught, Nigeria will be a better place and the right people will rule the country.

By the right people do you mean Babangida?

Well, Nigerians have refused to forget the june 12 issue so I can’t say anything about Babangida. But I believe Nigerians would like to have a God-fearing leader, someone who like Mandela has spent years, several years in prison because he values the peace and togetherness of his country. Someone that can speak the truth no matter the consequence. Once the truth is revealed and this trial is over, Nigerians will know who that someone is. And I believe with good men like Babagida will be behind me.

Errm.. sorry are u campaigning for 2015 or am I getting wrong you?

Ah! I haven’t even found out the verdict of my trial, let us not put the cart before the horse all I’m saying is that Nigeria needs a good leader and if God did it for Mandela and Obasanjo, he can do it for me. That’s all

errmm… okay, thank you very much for your time.

The pleasure is all mine, I’m always available to shed more light on these issues concerning Nigeria and to tell people how Nigeria can be a better place with Al-Mustapha.