Al-Mustapha Produces Video Tape Evidence In Court

The Former CSO to Late Sani Abacha, Hamza Al-Mustapha, who is standing in trial for the death of Mrs Kudirat Abiola, has since the beginning of his trial made a number of weighty statements. Besides his claim that some Yoruba leaders received huge bribes after the death of the Late Chief M.K.O Abiola, he also says late chief Bola Ige was unconsciously complicit in the murder of Abiola. Many Yoruba leaders have said Al-Mustapha should call names, some of them totally debunked his claim while others such as Otunba Gani Adams and Abiola’s personal physician say they had always known.

Credence was lent to his allegation that the federal government paid a certain amount of money to some Yoruba leaders on Wednesday when he tendered an evidence of a photocopied document signed by former head of state, Abdul Salami Abubakar, and his NSA, Abdulai Muhammed. He alleged that funds which were to be used for national security and for payment of soldiers on peace-keeping mission were used to settle the Yoruba leaders.

The evidence was admitted by the judge, despite pleas by the prosecuting counsel.

He also presented a videotape recording labelled “Abraham Adesanya’s visit to the villa’’to the court, He said “I have two tapes on the visit of the Chiefs Bola Ige and Abraham Adesanya to the Presidential Villa to see Abubakar. “Two cameras were used — one by the Nigerian Television Authority and the other by my bodyguard attached to the Villa.

Interestingly, although the defendants had brought a 24-inch Plasma TV and a 16-inch Sony TV set, the Judge Justice Mojisola Dada objected to them playing the tape in the court, saying that the court was “too stuffy” and that she could hardly breathe because the air-conditioner in the court was not working. She ruled that the tape would be played on Aug. 4 at the continuation of the trial.


The “air conditioner is not working”, “the room is too stuffy”….. I just hope funny statements like this won’t give room for justice to be circumvented, the fact that there was even power is something to be grateful for.


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  2. were have you hide your head since, but me l know that anything can not go on in nigeria without yoruba leader it is better he mension the rest,recall that BABAGIDA have said something similar that if they want him to say anything all our yoruba leader and obas are included but either he menson or not l believe that REVOLUSION will soon happen.

  3. This man is a justman, he was doing his duty on order given. On the judge, he is trying to make amendment on the tape may be he himself is among. May God conteniue saving us from unworthy nigeria leaders


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