Another Explosion in Maiduguri

Today another bomb rocked Maiduguri  at the junction of Gomari Airport Road. The bomb which was said to have gone off in the early hours of the morning at about 7:13am did not however claim any life. Spokesperson of the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Operation Restore Order (ORO) Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Mohammed confirmed the incident saying

“Yes, there was an explosion at the junction of Gomari around 7.13am after an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) was detonated by suspected Boko Haram sect members.

“The devise was buried under the concrete pavement of the highway by the perpetrators.” He said that the explosion did not result in any casualty as it occurred on the main road.

“There was no casualty recorded and no arrest was made by the JTF,” Mr Mohammed said.

He debunked claims that the military was planting bombs in the city saying it was a propaganda that was being spread by the Boko Haram whose activities were being frustrated by the military.

He said the bombs used by the military are quite distinct from the ones used by the Boko Haram sect (i.e Improvised Explosive Devise). He also said that the military were not responsible for casualties that occurred during cross-fire as they are well trained marksmen unlike the Boko Haram members who are more likely to miss their target and hit civilians.

I thought the Boko Haram had promised not to attack during Ramadan???


  1. boko haram should have a rethink in the intrest of national unity and because of God Almighty God. because i can assure them that after they have unleased terror on their fellow humans for whatever “CAUSE” the are fighting for.God will also unleash GREAT terror on them and their generations will not go unpunished in a horrible way.