Boko Haram Claims Responsibility For Attack On UN Building. Jonathan, Ban Ki-Moon, Others react

The Boko Haram sect has claimed responsibility for today’s bomb attack on the headquarters of the United Nations in Nigeria. The self acclaimed spokesman for the group Abu Darda told Agence France Presse on the telephone that the attack on the UN building, also known as Aruba House, was a ‘carefully scripted and executed‘ suicide bombing he claimed that the sect had 100 men willing to lay down their lives in suicide attacks. The Bokoharam also contacted  a correspondent for VOA’s Hausa service and said the group carried out the attack and warned that “this is just the beginning.” The spokesman said the bombing was in response to the government’s sending more troops to Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state.

Meanwhile President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the bomb attack, condemning it vehemently describing the incident as ‘barbaric, senseless and cowardly. Speaking through his spokeman Mr. Reuben Abati, Jonathan vowed that security agencies would apprehend the culprits. Jonathan issued directives for all relevant government to enhance the security across the Federal Capital Territory. He also requested the help of all agencies capable of assisting with the search and rescue efforts at the UN Building.

Jonathan commiserated with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, as well as all members of the UN who lost their beloved in the attack. Jonathan went on to assure Nigerians and foreigners of their safety and security

Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary general has also condemned the bomb attack on the UN office in Abuja. He said “it was an assault on those who devote their lives to helping others.”the UN then despatched a deputy secretary-general  Asha Rose Migiro, who was in Addis Ababa for an African Union meeting and its head of security Gregory Starr
to Abuja to assess the situation.

The Norwegian Government upon hearing that one of the casualties in the bomb blast was a Norwegian reacted to the incident. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said

”I condemn with the greatest firmness the attack against the UN offices in Abuja today,” It is with profound sadness that we have learned that a Norwegian woman employed by the UN was among the dead,” he added. ”Such acts of violence are totally unacceptable, and Norway condemns any form of terrorist actions. Those responsible must be held accountable,”

Considering yesterday’s attack on two police stations and two banks in which about 12-16 people died, and today’s attack in which about 18 people were killed, the Bokoharam sect has taken about 30 lives in just two days.


  1. mr president,we need more than just condemnation we need action.this is a shame that such things are allowed to happen in your tenure,boko haram needs strong hand,stop been chicky.

  2. who is bokoharam what are they up 2 which power dey get what are their contrbution 2 nigeria what are day kill 4 make them o let us come up agan

  3. This situation is ridiculous,GEJ please stop promising us,take the necessary actions,if you can’t do it alone,seek foreign security expert for more knwoledge or are you waiting until the whole is bombed or even your aso rock? because the way things are going now,no one knows where is next.take actions pls

  4. Wat jonathan has 2 do nw is 2 declare  state of emergency.
    Dis is bullshit cos we r endangering d lives of our pple$those
    Who left their various countries 2 help out.we nid friends 4rm
    Oda countries,nt enemies.So gudluck shld quit lamentin$take
    d actions we demand.

  5. Nigeria should b splited & then d boko shal go 2 where they belong .2 hell wit d satanic sect.May God punish brains behind d UN attack.

  6. al handz must b on deck nw.theze guyz ar realy bitin off mre than they can shew.itz high time bornu state iz been nulified as a nigerian state.i beliv we cn do wit 35 states.these cawordz jst wnt 2 frustrate jonathan tenure and create bad record abt hiz administration.God pls kom 2 our aid.

  7. I suspect people in d higher post either among d hausa or 4rm other politician ar d one behind dis nd they’ve been giving dem more liver,come 2 think of it where did they get d bomb they ar using it mst b some pple in charge of dis weapon ar d one giving it out or may b military ruler wants 2 take over then Mr president must be careful.

  8. Hello nigerians i want u to know that all this incidence which occours both in borno and abuja you ppl should nt go against boko haram only u should also go against d government itself, if u ask y hw will d boko haram get dis kind of weapons and get into d country witout d anoyance of govt, where is custom, emergration, army, n oder scurity in d country may Allah (SWT) protect our country n bring peace in nigeria ameen

  9. My president. I think dis sect has taken alot of innoscent souls with d help of your so called security personels. Its high time u overhaule d security of dis nation lest dis satanic sact attacks aso rock. Bewarned.

  10. it is really a pity that we do not have security in this country at all! how on earth will a Honda Accord car pull down 2 gets and successfully go into the reception hall of a whole UN secretariat before the bomber detonated the bomb and no one could stop the car? were security men sleeping? were the gates open? more so, what are the military men who waist people’s time necessarily on all the entrance to Abuja doing? how did the bomber come in to the city with such powerful explosive without been dictated? Goodluck Please wake up, other wise this people will rubbish your government.


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