Frank Edoho In Fresh Relationship Just Months After Separation

Sources have it that the “Who wants to be a millionaire” host, Frank Edoho who very recently broke up with his wife Katherine, is already in another relationship. The TV presenter is said to be in a relationship with Sandra Onyenaucheya, a single mother based in the UK. The 28yr old Sandra and Frank Edoho were said to have met in 2010.

Perhaps, in the same vein Katherine, Frank’s estranged wife changed her relationship status from single to “in a relationship”???

The only question on my mind here is: What happens to their three kids?


  1. Frank shld see his wife from 3different point of view, 1. As a mother 2. As a sister 3. As a daughter. He shld be a role model, as an epistle which people read. There is no problem in marriage only challenges, what is an assurance dat if he or she marries again there wil be no trials. It takes man of focus to forge ahead irrespective of distraction.

  2. People should leave Frank alone and face ur business! Is there anyone of u that live with them when both of them were husband and wife? Beside they are adults & should know what is good 4 them & their kids! Pls mind ur business and leave them alone haba!

  3. frank shouldn’t av left his wife for any reason.i mean i just dont know y guy will neva respect women.u can imagine smb u married n even ad’s just absurd,but i think d best tin 4 him is 2 go back 2 his wife 4 d sake of his children n leave sandra 2 go n marry her ex husband.Wot kind of life is dat.

  4. They shd both forgive and forget their differences at least for d sake of their inocent kids.They shd understand that the two master keys to a successful marriage are love and total submission.l wonder why marriages don’t last nowadays.l think 90% of family problems are foundational in nature.Pple just plunge into marriage for mundane reasons.Marriage is a sacred institution that must be treated with all sense of seriouseness and reverence.d foundation of marriage is GOD.Venturing into marriage without a back-ground understanding of God,is nothing,but exercise in futility.So my candid advise for both of them is to reconcile.Marry sandra today ,u will still divorce her tomorrow.A word is enough for d wise.

  5. Getting married to sandra is not the issue she should consider herself a second wife cos definitely the first wife will still come back frank should Hv it in the bottom of his heart. And should remember the word that says all that glitters are nt gold. And my question here is directed to frank. What do u kw is that is the secret behind ur new wife beeing a single mother? What is her past life?