Government And Labor In Another Round Of Meetings

Another round of discussions between the Government and Labor ended on Monday with little to show for it. Sources at the meeting claim that while Labor wants the implementation of the minimum wage bill to cut across boards the Government insists that it can not fully implement the bill. It was gathered that representatives of the Government now claim that they can not implement the increase in labor’s salary since they had increased it by 53% last year.

The SFG (Secretary of the Federal Government) Senator Anyim was said to have condemned the absence of the leader of the labor union, while members of the union argued that the government was being insincere and that they had been deceived by the government’s promises into calling off the strike last month.

“We are meeting again on Tuesday. There is no need for Nigerians to panic on whether there will be strike or not. This is because the Federal Government has agreed to pay the money. ”


Although the Minister of Labor – Chukwuemeka Wogu tried to allay the fears of Nigerians saying “What we are yet to agree is the implementation proper. That would be settled tomorrow at our meeting (Tuesday).” Certain sources at the meeting claimed that arrival at a truce is very unlikely.


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