Guest Post: Earthquake, Hurricane, What is Next?

Earthquake…Hurricane…What is Next?

What’s really good people?

It has been one crazy week folks. First; handling my business with the “Kool Keedz” and in the middle of our outing, out of nowhere comes an EARTHQUAKE recorded at a 5.8 and who is right smack at the epicenter of it all? Your man “Big P”! Now heading into this weekend, hurricane IRENE is planning to put in work and do some major damage up and down the east coast. This is no laughing matter people but hey, what is your man to do? I know one thing, like my pops Baba Luko would say; “HOMEBOY, make una go get some coverage & flood insurance o… Ok Bro?” Pops is a funny man, he swear he the Nigerian CNN Wolf Blitzer… LMAO!

So what is next and where do we go from here?

Ok people; let me get focused…

So am going to lead this week with these two statements; the next time you encounter a natural disaster, make sure you don’t have a CRAPPY mobile carrier i.e. (SPRINT) as nobody would ever know that you pulled through and survived. For all the advances made technologically in the past 30 years am always amazed how the phone lines and cell towers are always the first to go down in the mixed of a disaster or crisis. Also, if you have time to be TWEETING or FACEBOOK-ING, giving a play by play run-down of the earth and ground shaking then you were more interested in running your gums than you were your survival. This social media thing is starting to become more and more a blessing and a curse for REAL.

At this point, am more inclined to believe everything and anything about the world really coming to an end. The rash of natural disasters that are happening everywhere these days has made me almost numb to any breaking news. Heading home the other day I heard that the DMV was put on a State of an Emergency watch. And all am thinking is for what? I mean it’s not like we have another blizzard from 2 years ago in the works? Now that was truly a crisis, too bad I was in Nigeria vacationing the whole month in that 95 degree heat and missed it. Looool. And has anybody ever noticed or paid attention to how people typically respond to natural disasters? I don’t care how much emergency planning or drills you run ahead of time to prepare, when s**t goes down people just go Forrest Gump and RUN!

I also believe the media sensationalizes these isolated incidents in the first place to create a state of paranoia amongst people. Anything to boost the economy like preparing people for Armageddon outside is always good for business. And if news reporters were really concerned about safety and the well-being of families, wouldn’t they be running for cover or concentrating on protecting their own loved ones? But Nooooooo… It is always Bob or Hank standing right smack in the middle of the action trying to provide us some live coverage. Anybody remember Al Roker getting blown away in a storm from back in the day? That was some funny s**t right there. That brother was Supa-Stupid!

KEY LESSONS TO TAKE FROM DISASTERS – A natural disaster can occur just about anywhere and I love how people continue to miss this very important point. An element of surviving a natural disaster that people don’t think about is art of protecting one’s self. When you go stocking up for items in your homes, don’t you think those that are without might reach a breaking point and come looking as well. In desperate times, people act crazy so don’t allow you to be made a victim. Protect yourself and family by holding some heat if necessary. I am not saying go out and start busting your gun but the sound of a burner will make a fool think twice before breaking into your home. I am totally against senseless killings but never rule out the worst and impossible in people when burdened by a crisis.

Remember last week when I gave you all my take on the whole cash vs. credit debate? Well go and see how good that credit card is when power lines, computers, and ATM’s all go out of wack and your family remains hungry and you looking like the “dumb a**” head of the household. In crisis time, you should only deal in “Straight Cash Homie”!

Always keep the little things like battery operated radios, flashlights and designate a central location when ever faced with a disaster. Also, never forget the importance of Water, Water, and more Water… People if you are told to Evacuate? Then E-VA-CU-ATE! Find a safe place to keep vital records, photo identification, passports etc…

In closing take heed from the little ones every once in a while. Ever noticed that kids are typically calmer than adults in the mixed of a crisis? That’s because they more than anybody recognize that they are not in control no matter how hard we try to circumvent bad situation.

So get on your knees & start PRAYING!