Guest Post: Generating Electricity in Nigeria Part 2

Electricity: Barth Nnaji to The Rescue


Last week I wrote a piece on ‘Generating Electricity In Nigeria’ presently, it is as though Prof. Barth Nnaji read my article or rather, as though I sent word to the Minister because to my surprise his next line of action shocked not only me but the Nigerian populace?


In that piece, my suggestion to generating electricity as a nation is to ’fire the old, incompetent, deceptive DG’s, GM’s … and then start anew. Bring in visionary new blood individuals who see a job to be done, a story to be told and a need to be a part of a true success story.’


Nnaji fired Mohammed Almu, former CEO of Olorunsogo Power Plant and is currently monitoring him in Abuja. I say “up Nnaji, put some more elbow grease to it!” In the piece I also called for ‘new blood individuals who desire change on their watch not individuals with fresh gimmicks to squander money.’ (that’s where you should put the grease.)


My point today? By standing for something, we give voice to our belief: 1, 2, 3 voices no longer become whispers but declarations. For the very first time ever, I’ve got to know Abdullahi Yusuf, Omole Davidson, Don Vop P.V. Ovrawah, Amos Odetayo and Dayo Irawo; these are people who called out the president from paying lip service to actual work. We must have ‘pitied’ them for openly criticizing the government. The question is ‘will much awaited change come if nobody speaks?’

Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture


  1. Power problem in nigeria is an old issue.Apart from sacking old hands,the political leaders need to change thier ways.That is total reform starting from mr president down.Get power issue solved and nigerian socio-economic devellopment begins.

  2. Great things Prof Bart Nnaji has been doing since he became Power Minister. He is the expert we have been waiting for to fix the power sector aright. Nigerians please give him the needed support to move the sector forward.