Guest Post: Generating Electricity In Nigeria

Generating Electricity In Nigeria

What does it take to generate electricity as a nation? The politicians will include electricity generation in their election promises. The government will look into privatization of existing properties. Members of Congress will talk of contracts and repairing power plants, and ministries will ask companies to tender bids and make submissions. But seriously, what does it really take to generate electricity?


The 1999 administration promised 24 hour electricity before its tenure ended. 4 years later, it made re-election promises to meet the lapses in its past 4 years of uncompleted projects. Today, 2011, we find ourselves, crunching numbers on what its BPE privatization has squandered, ridiculed, looted and made a mockery of.


Promises upon promises, amenities not squandered are left untouched, left to dilapidate. The incessant lack of power has over time moved from erratic to becoming a norm where generators are no longer luxuries but necessities; each citizen incorporates their self-maintained electric corporations as generators power homes at the expense of noise and safety.


So I ask again, ‘what does it take to generate electricity as a nation?’ I say fire the old, incompetent, deceptive DG’s, GM’s and their ‘working’ ministries wipe away their deception, lies, and distrust then start anew. Bring in visionary new blood individuals who see a job to be done, a story to be told and a need to be a part of a true success story.


At some point in time, electricity will be 24 hours in this country, question is: under what administration? Will “some time” be now? This is the time to start afresh, to put in unbiased individuals, not politically motivated without new gimmicks on embezzling money.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture