Guest Post: Letter To The Nigerian Citizenry

Letter To The Nigerian Citizenry: Privatization In Nigeria 1999 to 2007

Fellow Nigerians


Contrary to past incidents where we remain unmoved to government corruption and mismanagement, today marks an exception. This isn’t time to sit in break rooms and hang out spots talking about the ongoing looted exercises of Nigeria’s privatization efforts. What we remain unmoved to and discretely talk about is our right to life, our legitimacy squandered right in our face.


How long will we acknowledge and talk about government ills from one administration to another- from IBB to Abacha to Obasanjo, and are simply waiting to see what Jonathan has in store (good or bad)? Insanity is defined as doing the same thing repetitively hoping someday for a different outcome. Are we insane (no offense) or have we conditioned ourselves to see injustice as a way of life?


Congress leaders purchase cars & furniture and auction properties at ridiculous subsidies to themselves. Privatization efforts reveal deceit and immorality down to the vice president lobbying and influencing the process.


We shouldn’t reach critical points like Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Liberia where our fellow citizens got fed up with status quo- injustice, corruption, government as usual. It’s over 2 decades now and it’s been long coming, governments fears the day the masses will fight for theirs refusing to remain silent again.


When you wake up, suit and tie heading off to work, remember this, “all government administrations, past and present know one day, citizens will demand their legitimacy, and each one ensures it isn’t on their watch.” Our real daily work is this: speak out, demand change, to finally see change PROACTIVELY.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture