Guest Post: Lost Values

Why do Nigerian men and women come home to marry rather than marrying the women/men they’ve dated abroad. After all, most of the women/men who are already abroad are well-educated, well-read and well-traveled. These women/men know Nigeria and also understand the Western society. But in spite of their advantages,majority of these women/men are likely to lose their partners to women/men back home.


Maybe the reason is that Nigeria is still home to some of the most disciplined, well-behaved, well-schooled and well-brought up women/men. It is a shame that most of our young men and women who traveled abroad have lost their moral upbringing. The Women are believed to be loose while the men are believed not to be true Nigerian men.


These young men and women abroad are ambassadors of our great country, and the actions of every one of them plays a large role in forming the opinions that other members of the world would have of us. Nigerians complain about being put through rigorous checks and searches in international airports and public ridicule, we have been termed a Nation of Scam artists,and its because we painted ourselves in this light.


This lack of morality is seriously plaguing Nigerian youths in the diaspora and i believe it should be checked. A massive campaign on value re-orientation should be carried out for Nigerian youths. I have had the opportunity to interact with few of the ladies who spent their early life abroad and i was disappointed by some of the things that i noticed. This lack of values is now being emulated by young Nigerians within the country. In a bid to copy characters of the western world, we are fast losing our culture and heritage. We forget that character cannot be successfully copied. We must remain ourselves at all times, we must be original in our thinking and actions. We must never forget where we are coming from.


Its such a very sad experience that we are loosing young men and women to moral dearth. This should not be the case, the only way our generation can lead this country right is to be grounded in African principles of good moral upbringing. We must lead by example and prove that we are worthy leaders of our generation.


Kindly join me and lets build a generation of morally upright people, lets save our future and the future of our children.


By Adedunmade Onibokun esq