Guest Post: Why Should An Officer Hit Me

Really,aren’t you thinking the same?. A police man would order you to do manual labour and punishments. He would order you to frog jump or go on your knees, a police man! Even soldiers would beat you mercilessly and expect you to still beg them for mercy.


Really, what section of the constitution or police act empowers an officer to physically assault you? Harassing  citizens isn’t part of the officers creed.


This happens because we are mentally enslaved as Nigerians that we fail to appreciate the common fact that we are not 2nd class citizens in our own country.


I commend the efforts of a brave few, who have challenged such abuse of power and received financial awards in courts. Only by constant engagement with government authority can we get what rightly belongs to us.


During the british fiasco when parliament deliberated increasing tuition fees by over 200%, thousands of students took to the streets in protest. When a final year student was asked why he per took in the rally since he would not be affected by the decision, he stated that “I may not be affected but I have younger ones who my parents would still have to sponsor through school,if I don’t fight for them,who will?”


I was deeply touched by this statement,if Nigerians worked together with this principle in mind, we would wrestle with government, for if the educational sector is not reformed,it is my children that would suffer a great deficiency in education, if the government cannot provide jobs for the youths, then my siblings would never be able to earn their living,hence placing a greater burden on my parents,who are over age and cannot succesfully or vigorously provide adequate labour.


Everything in this country concerns you and I. No one,I repeat no one,would fight for Us, if we don’t first take up arms ourselves. With one voice Nigerians must say no to police and military harrasment. It is the duty of uniformed men to protect us and not to kill or attack us.


Adedunmade Onibokun Esq.