Human Eaters In Lagos Attacked By Angry Mob

There was drama yesterday when an angry mob stripped naked two men, Alaba Abiodun and Samuel, who were allegedly eating human flesh,but they were lucky as the timely arrival of policemen who saved them from being set ablaze.

This is how PM news reported the incident:

Earlier, a passer-by along the rail line in Ikeja saw three men in tattered dresses. One of them was making a call and one eating a meat suspected to be human flesh.

The passer-by raised an alarm that attracted the mob which instantly pounced on the two suspect human part eaters. But the one making the phone call managed to escape.

Their problem was compounded when the mob moved to their hideout behind the Ikeja Local Government Secretariat fence and found a cutlass, knife, charms and meat with fat which the mob suspected to be human flesh.

When a detachment of policemen from Area ‘F’ arrived the scene, Abiodun told them, that he was a carpenter but had no money to set up a workshop.

Abiodun claimed to be from Akiniku in Moloney area of Ilaro, Yewa, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. He added that he made the hideout his residence as he could not afford to rent a room for himself.

He explained that the meat discovered in their hideout was a cow fat which they eat and not human parts.

After intensive questioning, the policemen were convinced that the suspects were mistaken for human parts eaters and sellers by the mob. They were later released.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS on the incident, a police officer who preferred anonymity advised the public to investigate suspected criminals before taking any action.

But for the timely intervention of the policemen, the officer noted, the suspects would have been set ablaze.

Source: PM News


  1. Stupid and senseless Agboro’s that always constitute nuisance in this country. With our so called learned 1’s foolishly joining them in promoting jungle justice. Na thunder go dey fire una soonest (Amen)

  2. Am sorry to state this,Nigeria Policemen are senceless! Ask me in what view? Why would the other suspect ran to escaped why making a call if throughly the allegation againt them was wrong? Definately,They are human flesh infact,and bone’s eaters and seller
    You this so called savior if the states(Policemen etc) be wise,wake up from Ur dreams and shine you eyes.Be vigilant!

    • if the police hadn’t arrive do you think the ones caught wouldn’t have been gruesomely killed… yea if it was u stay there and wait for death. mtcheew

    • Mr Adekola… u must be the joke of the century… Human eaters Ko, Bone eaters Ni… It’s so wrong of you to insinuate what is wrong… Did u give them the human meat? On the other guy that ran away, why won’t he run? He should have waited and be beaten to death Abi?
      Receive sense to stop saying what u don’t know….
      The kind of deliverance u need is the type where they will flog the spirit that’s making you reason anyhow out of u. Since u like jungle justice, u also deserve jungle justice kind of deliverance

  3. Mr Adekola, your English language needs deliverance. And so do you.
    You are just a bush yoruba man, believing that everything around you is fetish.
    Yeye stuff

    • Laugh, laugh, laugh! You are very right Meagan. Infact not only his english needs deliverance, his fingers that he used in typing this message also need deliverance.


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