IBB Blasts Jonathan’s Single Tenure Bid

Speaking through his spokesperson, Prince Kassim Afegbua yesterday to journalists, the former Head of State General Ibrahim Babangida commonly known as IBB lashed President Goodluck Jonathan over his single tenure bid saying

“Emphasis should be concentrated on provisions that would protect the rights of the individuals, especially the poor and rural dwellers. There should be Constitutional provisions to practicalise the fiscal federalism that Nigeria is supposed to be.

‘’This would make it possible for the three tiers of government to enjoy certain autonomy and not the present practice of joint accounts or making the Federal Government too overburdened or powerful. The time has come for us to devolve power to the constituent parts and make them more responsive to the needs of the grassroots. We must provide for the common man.”

According to Babangida, “the proposed single term tenure of six years has various dimensions.” Kassim said Babangida is of the strong view that the option is not Nigeria’s priority as of now. He frowns at the request on the basis that the nation has moved beyond this proposition. It is one of the issues that has been settled because several Constitutional conferences in the past have deliberated exhaustively on this issue before arriving at the present four year tenure.

‘’Former President IBB is of the considered view that President Goodluck Jonathan, should concentrate energy and attention on providing meaningful solutions to the socio-economic and political problems confronting us as a nation; namely; insecurity, poor economic development, declining GDP, depleting foreign reserve, the gargantuan domestic debts that have crippled investment, and adding to unemployment, and the growing restiveness in the land. All these issues are enough to occupy the attention of any serious-minded government rather than the talk of tenure benchmark.

‘’This request or proposal is too elitist and serves no useful purpose insofar it does not guarantee three square meals on the table of majority of Nigerians. The proposal therefore is wicked, outlandish, self-serving, deliberate distraction, and an outright contempt for the people.

‘’We should concentrate more energy on the urgent need to raise the bar for basic amenities and infrastructural development of the economy. We should encourage investment by strengthening the judiciary, empower the Legislature and support the executive to perform their statutory responsibilities. There are certain irreducible minimum which the government must be able to guarantee the populace.”

Please remind me, what did IBB do while he was President for 8 years? anybody…


  1. Good to hear a respected state man give such advice now, as an army dictator who ruled Nigeria, did he not think of true federalism in practice. His word was law then and he didn”t do any thing. Any way i thank you for thinking the way others have thought and advocated for even when he Babangida was in power. You are now like one of us to talk about the common man., if this is true, then the world has changed for Baba. May the common man be wise.

  2. Wonders shall never end, so IBB could talk about fiscal federalism, socio and political problems, solvinving the prolems and grassroot blablabla. What were his thought when he was creating these problems because i know that he is one of the major originator of the problems. Anyway he is saying the truth and let me add that the single tenure bid should be handled carefully because power mongers such ass IBB are still out there. Their four years is equal to eight years of resultless reign, so what would their six years be equal to…..?

  3. Gen IBB a dictator ruled nigeria 4 8yrs all he did was loot our national treasury,killed journalist n activist,introduce letter bomb,plane crash n other suffocated corruption skills,I wonder were he got the moral grounds to advise a democratic president? The moron sombre should be silent


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