Mercy Johnson’s Fiance Finally Dissolves His Marriage

It seems that the battle between Mercy Johnson and Lovely over Mercy Johnson’s coming wedding to Prince Okonjie Odianosen (the erstwhile husband of Lovely) has finally come to an end with Mercy emerging victorious. Asides from confirming that Mercy’s wedding will hold on Saturday 27th, August 2011, According to Big Sam Media (Mercy Johnson’s PR agency) Odianosen has concluded all the processes concerning the divorce of Lovely and successfully dissolved his marriage to her on Tuesday 23 August, 2011, at the Igueben Area Customary Court, in Benin, Edo State.

Although Mercy’s  court wedding didn’t hold today, the traditional and white wedding are said to be on course and would hold as and when planned. Details of where and when however remains undisclosed to the public.


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