NDLEA Considers Arresting Tuface Over Marijuana

Consequent to Tuface’s recent revelation that he once used marijuana, the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) has announced that they are considering his arrest. In a statement by the NDLEA Spokesperson, he said

“We have never had this kind of case before where someone comes on television and starts to implicate himself. Normally we rely on tip-off for our kind of work, but when someone comes out to say ‘I have been smoking igbo (marijuana), what do you do?

“It is like a politician coming on Bisi Olatilo show and saying ‘I have been rigging election in the past.’ Will we investigate him? or arrest him? or will we just let him go like that?

“And to make matters worse, when we were collecting our evidence, we got hint that he appeared on one foreign, American show like that; Monica show, or Money show, or something like that.

“When we watched the video, Mr 2Face was the only one wearing shades in the studio throughout. Why? Why will he be wearing shade during interview and saying ‘yes o, yes o’ to the akata (black American) woman interviewing him?

“We really don’t know how to proceed with this one.”

I think it might have just been part of showbiz stunts, entertainers say and do so many things, half of them just so that they retain their popularity. Anyway I don’t think he should be prosecuted for admitting to having “once” used Marijuana since he’s stopped, in fact I think people who have used these deadly drugs should actually speak up and tell younger people that drugs don’t help at all.

Festus Keyamo has agreed to defend Tuface while Nigerian reggae artist, Ras Kimono, advised 2face to state that he’s a Rastafarian in which case smoking marijuana would be seen as an act of fulfilling his religious duties.


  1. Wetin consern dem if 2baba wear shades,shout yesoo! or even smoke igbo sef dem wey be officers dem no dey smoke? 2baba my broda make you no hide your identity no matter where you find yourself cos originality is the way yesooooooooooooooo!!!

  2. Please let us not jealous person if his God uplifted him up in life for i can understand on this issue of 2face Idibia case is those people that don’t want him to progress just brings this issue to pollute his image, Enemies of progress please live our musicians alone, for they called 2face today tomorrow they may call Timaya or J Mathins but one thing that gives me joy is that God is not man.

  3. What’s all this face better things you’re saying someone is declaring publicily that if smokes. The people that did not declare publicily what have you don to arrest them


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