P-Square Accused Of Song Theft

Popular Nollywood actress Steph-Nora Okere recently accused the super successful hip-hop duo P-square of stealing  materials from Jeje, one of the tracks in her yet-to-be released debut album. In P-square’s latest album titled “The Invasion”, one of the tracks had the song “jeje” which Nora says is her song. P-square featured RnB/Soul crooner, Waje in that song.

The story is that Steph-Nora Okere supposedly sent the song to Jude Okoye (P-square’s elder brother) in order to sample his highly esteemed opinion and was very upset when she found out that “her” song had been included in P-square’s latest album.

“What they did was to remix the chorus of my version to a danceable track. That was not all; they also gave their version the same title, Jeje and featured Waje.”

She explains further: “I sent the song over to Jude via email and he listened to it. The next day I called him for his opinion and he said exactly these words ‘Stephnora the song is good but don’t release it like that because it doesn’t meet the standard of the Nigerian market’. I asked him what should be done and he suggested that I return to the studios and brush it up.

“As a brother and colleague, I took his advice and went back to the studio with my producer, Jiff. I also consulted with my manager, and we agreed to improve on the work ahead of the album launch, which I planned for this December. I finally completed the song in May/ June. But to my consternation, two weeks ago my personal assistant called my attention to P Square’s new album, which included a track entitled Jeje.”

Ope Banwo in his reaction disclosed that he intended to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against P Square next week if they do not respond to their demand letter. “This kind of thing should not be tolerated. P Square is a big group that should not take advantage of up and coming artistes and their friends. Stephnora trusted them and they stabbed her in the back,” he added.

Jude Okoye has however totally denied the allegation (whether tampering or stealing) and says Steph-Nora is trying to attract more attention to her acting career and that she should go to the court to seek redress if feels the song was stolen from her.


  • Rubish hw can dey p2 stole song even if dat track is removed 4rm their album d album wil stil stand.dey hv beter traks dan jeje so wot’s so special abt dat song dat dey can’t ryt n go n steal.

  • For me,only GOD knows the truth.I don’t expect them to go to that extent cos they had already made their name in the industry.

  • If its true, P’square really 4ck-up
    let d court judge & we shold know d truth, dat’s it.
    God bless Nigeria, God help our government.

  • If its true then PSuare should b ashame of theirselves. As for Felix liberty, u re just looking for favour from Psquare from ur childish word. Let d court decide who is lieing

  • Na wa for peter $ paul. A stain on dier reputatn. As for u, Wisy u dey talk as if u be small pickin. If u no wetin u fit say, abeg piss off!

  • Chai y now una do f*** Wo let de court punish person wey f** @WISY 4get dat u talk wey even den commot am dont u knw 1 song chang de hole album

  • I’m surpi$d at P&P, if someone hd told me, i woul’d ve believe, my only advice 2 dem is dat dey shld join deir brains 2geder & meditate b/4 releasg new album

  • Wow! Musicians have been noted 4 this every now and then. The PSquare are not the first to be accused on this nefarious activities. Probably, they met their match this time around. Anyway, the Nigerian copyrights commission are not helping the matters in our industry. Therefore, I encourage Steph to seek court redress. Even though, the truth might not be found in our polluted court.

  • Luks like psquare are tired f singing,they culdnt even produce good songs dis tym around apart 4rm forever,chop my money odas ar make up.so they shuld nt steal sm1 sweat

  • rubbish! arrant rubbish. shes seeking for publicity jo. let her post her song lets judge. psquare steal her song? does she sing? lmao old mama like her

  • Itz veri possible dat P2 did dat. dis iz nt d 1st tym of dem bin accusd of such act.Mayb cuz dey went scot-free datz y dey did it again. B ut damn u, P2 ur spoiling ur record….. let justice intervene.

  • steph is lukin 4fame,so bcuz she had an idea of a song track,dat means sum1 else can do dat,she sucks 4 even admitin dat psquare,s broda asked her 2 pimp up her song…nw she has seen wot brillant minds can do,she,s claiming betrayal….let her go 2 court n fool her self.she knws she’l neva b a match 2 psquare,n by d way,i tot she’s an actress?wot does she want 2 sing,she’s just jealous n want 2 spoil dere gud name

  • Is it a crime 2trust a friend who is a profesional n giv him ur work 2peruse tru it,dats wat steph did n jude mesd up.Dagogo u r insensible 2say she’s lukin 4fame,b4 pp new wat ws fame,she had seen fame n embraced it,a movie producer.U r an . . .

  • If truely psquare stole dat song den its bad,i mean its unfair cuz evn if the song is nt included in dia album it wil stil sale,so y stealin an upcomin artist’s song.

  • some 1 shuld stp takng syd wth the psquare that they cant steal from some 1 album, cos they are human beigns and are capable of doing anything

  • @Richard Dan do you think we are in boarding, abi secondary school that you will use the word punish. You no get work.
    Sister if they steel your song write another one now. As you too slow na em make them help you release that one before you ready.
    Again, when you write another send am go give the editor abi wetin you call am sef, Jude. This time around na your own blood brother go release the song for your bedroom studio.
    PSquare enjoy jare!!! omugo

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