Ramsey Nouah Escapes Death By Hairs-Breadth

Nollywood superstar actor Ramsey Nouah almost died in an accident which he sustained during a shoot for a new movie in Ghana. The Nigerian actor fell from the top of a building whilst trying to pull a stunt in the movie. Ramsey Nouah was said to have fallen onto the concrete floor and probably might have sustained internal injuries, as he complained of acute waist pain and aches. Ramsey Nouah was bleeding from his mouth as a result of the fall and he couldn’t seem to get up for about 30 minutes after which he told the director that he couldn’t continue with the shooting.

The movie that was being shot is called  ‘Hotel Babylon: Where Clothes Are Naked’, Ramsey Nouah was said to be on set with such actors as Nana Ama McBrown, Beverly Afaglo, Roslyn Ngissah, Nana Hayford  and some other accomplished actors. The movie was shot in  in Kumasi at the Senator Hotel at Tanoso and Ramsey Nouah was said to have loved the script and so tried to put in his best.

Medics arrived to treat him after which he was reported to have been moved to Accra for better medical treatment.

WE wish you a safe recovery Ramsey.


  1. Ramsey I wish u quick recovery n God mercy. Hw ever,avoid d sodomic part u alws engaged wt in Nollywood.God blees n kp u.amen

  2. well it happens, but this still remembers africa of our poor film production,if not , why haven’ t there be invisible provisions made for an actor who is throwing a stunt of which top of a building is not ”garri” nevertheless God would see him through.

  3. Hello Ramsey please give thanks to God Almighty cos if what happened did not happen who knows, the worst would have occurred but never mind God is in control and He cares for u so much. wish you quick recovery.

  4. oh no!l feel your pain especially what u would have and passing through.lmagining seeing death face to face.Brother this is an opportunity to retrace your step back to God.He has His reason for keeping you alive.Ramsy ,l wish you the best and quick recovery at a time like this.God is your strength.Amen

  5. Hi ramsey,i think am one of the pple dat are crazy with ur acting.am really soory that u passed through that pain,but i wish you a quick recovery.when you come to kenya please pay me a visit.will direct you.

  6. Dear Ramsey, sorry for the pains u past through view years ago, but i thank God this is just a story not obituary case,. The God that rescue u will never let down. We love u but God love u most


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