Is Sam Loco Efe Dead or Alive ???

Veteran actor Sam Loco Efe suffered a heart attack on Sunday morning in his hotel room after returning from location at Oweri in Imo State.

Sam Loco Efe is widely reported to have died, the Actors Guild of Nigeria has also confirmed his death, but according to some other sources his heart attack was not fatal and he is still alive.

According to a source, Sam Loco Efe suffered a heart attack on location earlier Sunday and is gradually recuperating in a hospital in Owerri.

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) has also confirmed that the veteran actor Sam Loco Efe is still alive.

Genevieve Nnaji one of those that tweeted about Sam Loco Efe’s death is among those who say that Sam Loco EFe is still alive.
You can view a snapshot of her tweets below.


  1. What is dis about Sam Loko dead,,,Mercy Johnson’s wedding might be canceled,pls can we let this guys do their private things,,,Pls stars be transparent

  2. Please Nigeria Government this is the time to do something about this people forwarding all this rumours in our country, just look at this on Sunday they said that my dear friend Saloko Efe has died now they changes their words why all this…..?

  3. u guyz should be careful the way they report things. For God’sake i felt unbelivable and sad when i firs heard it on 2go but i questioned a friend that told me but I got nothing tangible from the guy until I heard from the news which gave me a bad day. NOw am hearing he is still alive death should not be played about ?

  4. Oh my Gosh!!! Rumours is only spread by bad people and accepted by fools. Pls my pple dont believe in whatever the rumourers has said. If the person dat dey said is dead, what of if he is confirm alive!!

  5. Wither true or not, TIME will tell, however, DEATH is everywhere and yeah we miss dead people but won’t Hollywood continue? In a matter of just 1 month we all will know if he is cold or blood still runs in his veins.

  6. Its quite umbelievable to hear such news, i mean its kind of a freak. I can only believe dis if i see his dead body wit my 2 eyes real or else those people dat created d news wil first see their grave b4 him.

  7. Is this man Sam Loco Efe desd or alive?..I his fun,dont like these stupid rumours of wishing other people death.I hope he is alive bcoz i continue seeing his new movies.Sorry sir for such news,forgive your enemies.From Kenya


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