Single Tenure Bill Hits A Brick Wall

President Goodluck Jonathan’s single tenure bid may have hit a brick wall as there are indications that the President is now forced to set the proposed bill aside, at least for now. It was said that some legal experts who were consulted by the villa to deliberate on the bill differed in opinion about it.

A more crucial obstacle to the bill was however the inability of the President to secure the consent of the National Assembly. It was gathered that the leadership of the National Assembly refused to accept the proposal, which was considered ill-timed and ill-conceived.

A ranking Senator privy to the meeting said “the leadership told the President that such a weighty and sensitive bill should not have come from the Presidency in the first place. “They told the President that he should have allowed the bill to emanate from the National Assembly, at best, from the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) when it decides to go ahead with another review of the 1999 Constitution.”

Perhaps the most important reason of all for setting the bill aside is the fact that there is no fund allocated in the 2011 Appropriation Act for amendment of the Constitution.


  1. Well, our dear president has suddenly 4gotten the reasons why he waz sent there. How can he talk about ‘tenure enlongation’ when there is no food on the table of Nigerians? Especilly, the poor masses, all our roads has become such a death trap to the extent dat even spirit avoid them, our security situation is more dangerous dan an evil forest full of uncertainties, our power supply which is becoming more epileptic and much annoying on daily bases, unemployments which has yielded more criminal activities and high BP results, our educational system which has fallen like the wall of Jerico. The plight of the poor masses in this country has been greatly undermind, the poverty eradication programmes turns to promotion of poverty. Lets our dear president think twice.