Single Tenure: There Are More Critics Than Supporters – Opposition

Owing to media statements and press releases that President Goodluck Jonathan had “jettisoned” the single term proposal, his spokesman Mr. Reuben Abati announced last week, that the President had not jettisoned the proposal as it is still on an idea basis and went on to opine that there were more people in support of the proposal than those against it.

Three of the major opposition parties have responded to this claim, debunking it as being a form of deceit. ACN’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai, Mohammed said if Mr. Reuben has taken a poll, he should announce the results. He added that only a few minorities are in support of it. Nobody outside the President’s circle is in support of the single term.

The CPC’s National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, in the same tone said “We believe that with the present level of impunity associated with governance and public service in the Nigerian polity, the single term proposal will not serve a good purpose,” He also said  Abati’s position on the matter ( his claim that the proposal is popular amongst the general populace) amounts to deceit. Speaking on the issue The APGA National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh said “It (single tenure) is going to be a test of the will of the Nigerian people. It calls for enlightened debates. APGA will join the people who will pull it down. We shall see, if it will sail through by the wish of the majority, he said.


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