There Won’t Be Any Wedding Bells – Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji in a chat with TOPE OLUKOLE spoke on various issues some of which were concerning relationships. Excerpts below:-
You can be described as someone who is career-minded, ambitious and beautiful. However, you were also a teen mother, what advice would you give to other teen mums?

Thank you. I have never heard of that term, but I like to keep this part of my life private and I don’t like to talk about my daughter. But what I would say is, I completely believe in destiny. I think everybody has a dream and something they want to achieve, so you should never give up on yourself.

Learn to embrace everything life throws at you and learn to make everything work for you, even your mistakes. Do not give up on your dreams, as long as there is life, there is hope. When you have life, you should make the best of your time because life is too short.

You’ve been romantically linked with several people, are there any wedding bells in the future?

Yes, I am dating, but there won’t be any wedding bells, because I do want to get married. I am looking for someone who can keep me excited because I get bored easily. I need someone, who is there to support me, who is confident. I haven’t got the time to be massaging a man’s ego; he has to be confident in our relationship from the word-go.


  1. every woman needs a man to be submissive to, not minding ur status or place in d society. God made it so and so it has been and will continue to be. If there is opportunity to get married, pls do cos is a crown n dignity of every woman.

  2. Forget about the past and lead your normal life. No woman is complete or comand respect without a crown. Not just a relationship, but a husband with whom you can share your joy, wealth, sorrow and needs. Marriage is give and take as you dont need to worship a man or submit to his ego, but should be built on mutual respect, trust and understanding. There might have been mistakes and dissappointments along the way, keep it behind you and live in the reality of the present. You are a success in your carrier and always command my respect, please, crown it by finding your other half – a good husband.

  3. Gene why would there be wedding bells? Hope you are not trying to jump in and jump out like your sista from Cross river State. Remember you already have a baby girl out of wedluck (there is nothing bad in this). Please let there be a wedding-bell and stay permanently for better for worse this time around. I am looking forward to attending your wedding even if it is taking place overseas. We must witness you saying I… God bless you my dear.

  4. Gene why would there be no wedding-bells? That you a baby-girl out of wedluck should not deter you. You must say I….do and we must witness it even if it is taking place overseas. Get a man of your choice and forge ahead my dear. Good luck and God bless you.

  5. sory. But try to get someone beside u it’s beter n forget de past event as u r said eaily life is very short, move forward in life n give some respat if u r marriage pple we respet u more dan befor……. OKO se pataki ooo. Love u

  6. Genevive has never associated with anything Igbo or African-if she has then she pretended to do so. It’s sickening to hear a full fledged black Igbo lady not wanting to marry for whatever reason(s). My cousin had a baby out of wedlock but that did not stop her from getting married. Any reasonable woman must want to get married and have children, afterall majority of us are alive today because our parents agreed to get married and give birth to us. If Genevive’s mother had the same attitude about marriage like Genevive, I don’t think we would have had any Genevive not to talk of this current Genevive rapping arant nonsense about marriage. If you can’t get a decent man, tell me, I will recommend one for you. Geny, go and get married if you still want to remain socially relevant. Good luck my sister. Ka chukwu gozie gi ike.

  7. A secure woman who knws her mind is seductive, and longerterm, it’s a recipe 4 mutual respect nd keeps things constantly interesting it’s time to stop second-guessing, men are complicated beast nd trying 2 workout wat they really wt is a tricky bussiness. So gene dont trust men take ur tme nd find reasonable nd responsible, also care 4 ur teen. Dont listen to people becos u meant end up with irresponsible guy. I dont trust men.

  8. I am terribly surprised that most of the people writing in are women!shame on you all shallow minded women……This is the reason why we men would continue to tramp on your empty heads…..marriage does not and has never completed anyone man or woman…..if Genevieve wants to stay single she is a personal choice,going by the bible standard it would only mean that she has to stay celibate!
    And all of you going on about her past……what in the excerpt above tells you she hasn’t moved on?most you have aborted pregnancies,she didn’t and that is the best thing she has done…..marriage is not a commandment perhaps y’all should go read your bible again.I just detest hypocritical and shallow comments especially from women to other women…..

  9. I quite agree wit u Nnayelu,y r pple jumpin in2 conclusn,she asnt &neva said she isnt getin marid,she said wen shes found d Man.afta al, no1 is goin 2bear d cross wit her in d matrimönial home.i m also aplaud dat pple jus want2coment on wot seems2b,if she asnt movd on.i bet u she wnt b were she is 2day.she clearly statd dat she l get marid sumday,rite time n etc.n nt getin marid is nt a sin pls read ur bibles a mata of fact st paul says its beta 2remain single bt if u cnt then mary,in same corinthians d bible tels us dat sum r born neva 2 mary due 2 impotency frm birth,castratn or human fators n odas by spiritual asignment like nuns etc.nothwitstanding.Nnayelu u av spoken beautifuly wot more can i say .perhaps if she maris n divorces then dis same pple wld b hapy in quote n go ahead n lambast her,y cnt she b alowd 2await Gods wil n her heart desire.morova its easy 4 human beings 2 coment bt dificult 2do same if u were in same shoes.wu wears d shoe knows were it pinches.pls leave her alone,shes got her family,church,conscience n God.evry human is liable 2God

  10. Darling youve not done anything wrong,every mortal go through pain,in diverse ways tough,sorrow is part of life’s journey,ur past has got nothing to do with destiny.Always listen to the voice of God,Jehovah and not men,you will find the man you looking for and you will know that he is the only true God,serve God with all your soul,he is all that you need,never think you made it yourself,its God.You thought it was over with your teenge pregnancy but look at what God has done with your life,continents embrace you,i mean what a God,did you ever dream you will go this far,God always go ahead of the devil,he trapped you with teenage pregnancy,but that did not stop what God has purported for you,give him all the glory.Am profesying to you that you will see God in your marriage.
    Do have a blessed life.