Whizkid Fathers Babygirl???

Reports have it that Nigerian hip-hop music prodigy Whizkid may have impregnated an under-graduate university student. The parents of the twenty one year old Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Whizkid have denied Whizkid’s responsibility for the two months pregnancy until DNA tests are performed to determine the paternity of the child.


  1. Whizzy if dat is truth then u don fall our hand at ur age becos by d time u will get to 2face level and age,ur own wil be worst than his. afterall u suppose to knw u are a role model and be very careful with ur tin.I hope u dey use condom? Becos AIDS is real. Abi na only u be fine boy wey dey sing? Bow wow dey there,Omario dey there too. Abi na u fine pass this big boys bt they are very careful or are u telling me is too much pressure from where? Na nw I knw say Na u bi bad guy!

  2. Wetin dey worry Wizkid Parents na? Na dem won use their pikin mouth drag. Wizkid na proper Okpe. U don fall ur hand finish for denying wat u did. Dats why i like 2face, he claims responsibility for all his dubious acts. Na so.

  3. nawa for wizkid o, so he wan tell us she dey fuck without condom, take am easy bros o, like prince chibuzor said, bow wow and omarion are also fine but they no dey fuck up

  4. Thank God u guyz see reason wit me,whizkid of yesterday,I taught he said he does nt hav time 4 women nw in his last last interview wit city people,dat he is always in d studio wit his manager, so how come e don go f**k an undergraduate and his so called parent are nt ashamed dat their local dog don f**k-up. Whizzy really fall his hand nt mine,frm now on his new name will be whiz-Dog!! And not whizkid becos kids no dey giv woman belle. he has also show he is a local champion. bt I still dey feel his songs,I no lie! Holla!!!

  5. Wizkid na bad gu! No b hin sing ‘ i love my baby’? He con dey deny sumtin he do for mor dan 2 awas. Se na lyk dat he tink e go dey dey?

  6. Am not really happy with wizkid , guy ur a real dis appointment.how would u have intercourse with out using a condom,dat was very bad medically speaking of you pls hiv and aids is real dnt be a victim!be very careful. Contact 07030740710

  7. Abeg mke una shut up..nobody holy pass atink na bcos en b star dat na y u sabi dis s a free world and he’s onli been human afterall his nt d first 2 do such……..wizzy tuale jooo..d bible say go in2 d world and multiply….ℓ☺ℓ

  8. Nobdy holy pass indeed,bad nigerian!na nw I no say u hate whizzy wit passion! A young boy with a bright future a lots of nigerian youths are looking up to f**kd up and ur there encouraging nonsense. Am nt surprise 4 people like u Mayor bcos na ur type dey encourage corruption in this country!we only care abt whizkid future and health and nobdy is beefin him.he would at list use protection in other nt to damage himself wit all dis girlz and their virus. his parent would hav frog d living hell out of him! Afterall they called him whizkid and nt whiz-Dog!!! His AK47 has shot down one remaining more to go!whizzy u beta withdraw ur bullet b4 it cost u more harm dan gud.

  9. I love u ad ur music but wat u hv done is realy mind blowin pls b careful nxt time ur a star yes we no dat ad u no girls wil kill 2 spend a minute or a sec pls b wise

  10. Prince or watever Ʊя name is do u want 2 marry wizkid?abi no β person go marry am?leave d poor boi alone if he wants 2 learn he will and if dosent is his life and nobody told him 2 fc*k witaut condom…..i love wizzy but since ts has happened better 2 encourage him dan scold him….dats y most children dont learn 4rm deir parents coz of 2 much scolding…[email protected] least if u talk 2 a child wit encouragement he undastands beta….hope u get?

  11. Why will u ask me if I want to marry him when am nt a gay. Nobdy is blaming him 100% abt wat happen,is just dat d way and manner ur praising him will encourage him to get loose ok!or is he tellin us he does nt hav adviser! He beta hire one b4 anoda girl will holla at him! Whizzy no dullin!!!

  12. Oboyyyeee wizy abi na kidy u don kid oo u need 2 be flogd hw u go f…k w2out cd,na him u com deny,well u act as ur name implies kid..bt na foolish kid,abeg try nd be a wisman,no fall our hands again,bt settle d gal if u no wan marry am..

  13. guy no worry you don sign a non negotiable contract of upcoming 2Face it just remain 4 more children and women to beat his record and to become father WHIZKIDER >{for me you fucked up and i thought i was looking up to you }to me now you are just a addicted ASS LOVING ASS FUCKING FUCK UP GUY, i cant believe yur mom said you are GOD fearing.

  14. it wz an accident am sure.no one is better.grls wont kill me,she purposely kept d pregnancy seeing dat wizzy is a star nd has got d cash.wel,we always find a way to take life d way we find it.you are still my star wizzy…

  15. Hello everyone from d report I understand d word used was “alleged to have impregnated” so we are not sure yet. Am a mom so I would speak on behalf of the parents, if my child says he’s not responsible and tells me he never slept with her or that he did with a condom that did not disappoint, I would believe him cause he is my son. If after d dna d child is he’s we wld take responsibility but until then, no comment. Pls we should learn to scold with encouragement its not about making mistakes but learning from those mistakes and moving on.

  16. A star iz always a star..whizkid iz a star nd he has his life all 2 himself,he made a mistake dat we all knw itz unpurpose.who re u 2 conclude abt someones lifestyle,he iz nt d first nor last person dat iz going tru dis…dnt “JUDGE HIM”.


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