Wizkid Accused Of Song Theft

Young fast rising Nigerian Hip-hop award winner Wizkid has been accused of song theft by a 300level English language student of Adekunle Ajasin University. She accused Wizkid of stealing the song  ‘pakurumo’ which she wrote and performed at a show in ado ekiti last year. She said

”I bought a copy in akure and right there, track four is my song. He even retained my title of the song, but tried his best to alter the ekiti dialect that gave the song a special appeal”

She however said she’s not surprised considering that his mentor (popularly believed to be Banky W) sampled a popular female us- based musician’s song that brought him fame.

She said “I may be poor, but I’ve sent the video to a lawyer and very soon, the guy will soon be exposed for who he is. I can’t believe Nigerians fawn after the guy knowing well that he is not that talented, forget the voice”


  1. indeed is a theft infact is a barawo, is stage name should be known as mr ole instead of wizkid.first he did a copy right of holla@boi which was first sang by a white guy ft lil kim ,as if that was”nt enough he still went on to do a fake pakurumo.mehn that is big criminal in da mizic industry which is a big F to d the 9ja entertainment.

  2. o boy u be worst criminal ooo! So no be u get pakurumo so u dey thief person music as u tey thief holla@boY.U be ole which is thief.ibrahim balogun deji stop stealing of someone musical.

  3. Habaaa! Omo Balogun. Why nah. You’ve dissappointed me.. OLAMIDE NO DEY STILL SONGS NAH. Olamide you 2 much. WON NI DURO…..

  4. i hate wizkid 4rm d start.. Most of his song is owned by his mentor banky w. I dnt knw why nigerian shuld love untalented young muscian.. Olamide u r 2much.. 2 hel wit wizid who claimed 2 b fine boy..

  5. Wait ooo,let’s consider things oo. Okay d guy stole d song PAKURUMO bt he did not sing the song in d same way with those artist wu av bn acussing him he only use the lyrics but d sound are not d same at all,so i think d guy is FREE.

  6. fellow nigerians make una relax wait till d boy talk his own bt wizkid nawa 4 u ooo u don pass 2 do all dis petty stealin na

  7. Mtcheeew…JEALOSY…..fuck all wizkid haterz….yhu guyz wont mind ur cray-fish business….is he d 1st????@prince d gurl shud b paid 4 wot? If she wantd moni y did’nt she ask wizkid personally instead of publishin it?mtcheeew..POOR GURL!!!!

  8. Nigerians stop criticizing dis yound artist pls.Each time sm 1 progress,nigerians must find a way to set him up.How are we sure dat all these are nt lie..ie u are jealous go and sing ur own song and leave WIZKID alone.bad belle nigerians.

  9. Um hmm!Wizzy accused of song theft huh?.Dt said Plaintiff Gal ask her ‘Dt al d song on herown Album Was it her natural instinct self idea’?See 9ja pple music entails Rebranding,Reforming,Rewriting,Furnishing,Assortin songs u heard.It s even ur Talent 2b able 2Remix songs 2sweet ur own Style bt only if n only if ur remix Lyrics possesses effects more dan d original song.So wizzy s free as a bird 2continue his Voyage in d sky.Dt gal shuld jst understnd dt al gud singer must be able 2infer ideas n apply it talentedly….Am also an Artiste tell her dt

  10. i real love flavour that sing a song that says that(every thing you do people must talk). When people see that the time of sme on*s destiny has come to shawer, day must look for smtin to destroy it, my super star go on with ur sweet song i love u.


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