Yvonne Nelson To Be Mercy Johnson’s Chief Bridesmaid

It has been revealed that soon to be married Mercy Johnson’s chief bridesmaid is Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson while popular comedian Ayo Makun a.k.a AY of the famous TV Show “Ay Live” is billed to be the Master of Ceremony of the event and Kenneth Kadiri is to be the best man.

The Wedding reception is billed to hold at the 10 Degree Events Centre while the traditional wedding would take place at Iyana Iba, an outskirt of Lagos residence of the Johnsons on Friday 26th August amidst tight security.
In a recent interview, Okojie said ; My estranged wife, Lovely purpose is just to split Mercy and myself which I don’t think is possible. Mercy and I are waxing stronger by the day.

Myself and Mercy, are still together, our love is still waxing stronger. When reminded that it’s only a few days to the marriage earlier billed for the Christ Embassy in Lagos, Odianosen says that the marriage is not holding in any church again.”I don’t wanna go to church again, I don’t wanna say anything about the church.

In February, my brother had his wedding in lagos.Mercy and I wore the same attire and we posted it on Facebook; Lovely commented by saying, “we shall see”.

But the question is why wait 2 weeks to my wedding for all of these.

Despite all his estranged wife’s vituperations, Okojie said he would not allow her wicked nature to affect the care and love he has for his kids.

One very important revelation by Odianosen is his remark that Mercy was distraught with the whole controversy.”She’s hurt because she’s human but at this point, we need to be strong for each other.”

Asked if the marriage plans was still on the cards, Odianosen says the marriage is going on as planned.

“Mercy and I are in love. I love her so much and she reciprocates that to me.”


  1. Frm nonye OBIDIKE Mercy dear long life to u and ur newly married husband happy wedlock. Live & be happy dear much love

    Mercy dear live happy much luv

  2. I reall am happy 4 u : Mercy (wats dat name again)…OKOJIE Yea…..MERCY OKOJIE. So despite d odds. Nothing GOOD comes easy. Hapi married life.

  3. There are one thousand and one men dat she could get married to, why dis married man. My dear, u getting married to him, u are already carrying the family yoke.

  4. mrs mercy okojie….despite all odds u still put ur enemies to shame.pls dnt listen to rumours,gossips,and pld dnt discuss ur marriage wit any friend…ok.happy married life.xpecting twins from u.I love u babe.

  5. Congratulations…………………. Ur marriage shall be a blessing, ur children surround ur table, u will see ur children’s children, thus say that Lord of Host. Welcome to the institute of marriage.

  6. girl u 2 much’but u must knw 1 tin dat beauty atracts a man to a woman but character retain the man.pls try all ur possible best to keep d marriage bcos wit GOD by ur side no shakng.

  7. mercy i wish you happy married life honestly am happy for you becos among all your colleagues is you i prefer despite your acting i still charish you so much and as far as god is concern nothing is going to come btw you and your husband becos the word of god says that what god has join together let no man put assurder .

  8. Though, I’m happy 4u coz when it comes to getting married it’s not always a rosy road so far is gonna last. I can’t judge coz I dnt know wat happened to ur husband in his previous marriage. But is marriage not 4 better 4 worse? Mercy just be careful and may God have mercy. Your happiness shouldn’t be at d expense of others. Happy married life.

  9. To be candid, eleya lo nse to ba mo. Pasan t’a fi na’yale o n be loke aja fun iyawo dt is to say what happened to ur senior wife will soon happen to u if care is not taken. Mo so temi na.

  10. Ma dear mercy congratulations on ur weding.indeed u’v bin a pride 2 humanity so mater wat anyone does ignore it in oda 2 susten ur mariage.make sure u humble ur self n b a gud wif ok…….(am xpectin triplets oh…..) one agen congrat deari.

  11. My senators i appreciate you 4 d plans u’v made to eradicate d post utme.plz go ahead and do it.so many students hav stayed at home for several yrs bcos of dis post utme xams.som person like my self write jamb on thier own and pass but yet fail d post utme xams and repeat d procedure again.Plz my senators work fast and stop this fraustrating means of xamination. I sugest dat jamb should be encouraged and wen it is 2 b writen government should establish tight securities to ensure that students write the xams on thier own without the use of external bodies like phones,text books etc.After which best students with good grades can be awarded admission to any university of their choice.plz my senators act fast i beg of you.thanks.(FELICIA BOCO).

  12. Ma dear mercy congratulations on ur weding.indeed u’v bin a pride 2 humanity so no mater wat anyone does 2 hurt u jst ignore it in oda 2 susten ur mariage.make sure u humble ur self n b a gud wif ok…….(am xpectin triplets oh…..) one agen congrat deari.

  13. U re d best in nollywood n wil b d best in ur husband’s house. Ur marriage wil nt b a laughing stock bt a celebration center. Pls swthrt close ur ears 2 gossips n enjoy ur marriage most of all be PRAYERFUL MJ.


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