10 University Students Arrested For Prostitution

Ten female undergraduates were on Monday arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrates’ Court, Lagos for habouring and practising prostitution.
The suspects are Bimbo Duru, 25, Anita Nelson, 23, Imade Igbinosa, 26, Itua Christopher, 23, Isivehormen Imoni, 24.
Others are Blessing Ogbomudia, 26, Kate Ufort, 26, Sharon Uzor, 24, Margaret Macdonald, 25, and Tonia Ekong, 22. The name of the university they attend was not disclosed.
The women are standing trial on a three-count charge of managing a brothel, unhealthy conduct and engaging in prostitution.
The Prosecutor, Sgt Ngonbo Emby, said that the accused persons were on September 14 at about 10 p.m. at Ruxton Road, Ikoyi, found engaging in the unlawful act of prostitution.
He said that one of the accused, Duru,was being charged with allowing her residence to be used for the purpose of prostitution.
Emby said that the offence contravened sections 225, 250 and 249 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State, 1994.
The accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charges and were granted bail in the sum of N50,000, each and two sureties in like sum.
The Magistrate, Mr Adebayo Sonuga, said that the sureties should, preferably, be their biological parents.
He adjourned the case till October 3 for further hearing.
Source: PM News



  1. What would have been their reason for such a barbaric, uncivilized and shameful act. Is it all because of loot/money, pleasure or what, for cry not loud they are lucky to be in University and the only way they could be greatful to their God is to engaged them selves in such a sordid and inprudent act of call girl. There are myriad of student out there seeking for admission but they are lucky to be there in vain… May the good God forgive them and save them from such actitude/act

  2. Good job by prosecutor,but who’s going to prosecute the members of the nigerian police for their daily unlawful extortion of money frm the inocent citizen of this country,and who’s going to prosecute the lecturers that make finacial/sexual request frm student in xchange for marks,not to talk of our politicians?

  3. We are all prostitute if you check it rightfuly, if one can sleep with who God did not destined him/her to be with, then what is the different? The best thing is to help them find something doing, i sincerely prayed that God will ounish to no.. 1 thiefs if this country called nigerian police, their soul will forrever rought in hell

  4. Pls. Can we b real 4 1z? Is prostitution a crime? 4 cryin out loud these girls are above 18 and can do woteva they choose 2 do. I’m nt an apostle of prostitution, but i think we’v got beta things 2 giv our attensions 2 than dis. They neva dambled into dis act wit d intension of catch fun, but tryin 2 meet up even in d presence of d economical crisis dat has invaded dis country.

  5. D act is honestly aborminable bf God nd a sin before man. But hw many wil drag to court becos we hv countless ladies who are in d act. I wonder why some one who doesnt have any geniue means of fending for herself shuld be in school. We also need jobs for the graduates, undergraduates nd non education. So that this dispacable act wil be curbed.

  6. If dis student were drag 2 court wat of dos in de hotel making money in contact of dere privacy. Liv it 4 God 2 judge b/c is not a big deal. U peodle should think about witchcrafts and wizards or evil men can u drag dem 2 court i need answer PLZ!!!!!!

  7. we al ave sined nd falen short of God’s glory,let us nt cast stones on dem bcos we re nt God.hw i wish dey wil repent,i wonda wer dy re expectd 2 get dos 50k each?govt pls help us wit jobs.

  8. Various comment made the problem it self is from the parent or guidian it the dirty of the parent or guidian to train up their sons and daughter in a good way so that when they grow they will not depart from it,it just the truth,the real truth,and nothing but the truth thanks God bless and God save us all

  9. Dis doesnt make sense cos prostitution is nt a crime,although itz a gr8 sin bt we humanz dont hv d right 2 judge dis gurlz cos we ar al sinnerz nd if prostitution is a crime plz go to shadow,underground,hyppiano at mushin,lagos u go c plenty of dem thier.lol

  10. So long as you are not yet married and have sex with call it you boy friend or your girl friend, it is also call prostitute because I know women who have more than one boy friend, what will that be. Sincerely speaking, every Nigerian call him pastors are all prostitutes, no one is exempted from this act. Who are those patronizing those so called prostitutes, Police, Army, politicians. then who will prosecute who.

  11. God,show mercy on them. My advise ‎​Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ those
    Young ladies is for them ‎​Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ change thire
    Ways and face the reason of been ‎​i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ school.
    Thank remain bless.

  12. prostitution is not a crime in d sight of man. Dey luv it datz y dey decided 2 do it cuz dere’s money in d business cuz dere customers are politicians.

  13. wat did u expect a citizen to do in a country wher by dier leaders cnt do d main function of government. nd u prosecutor did u kno wat ur own daughter is doing outside, maybe u thout ur dauta is a virgin. i believ if govt provide job all dis ugly thing wld nt take place. am seeking 4 admission in unilag for two yrs now no result becos i dnt hav money to bribe, if it is nt dat am a God fearing guy i just smigle wit suger mum in order to hav money nd giv them. in a country lik dis u nit to move urself in order to en a living, above all only God ll help us. u can reach me on 08189967762 to here more

  14. @ Abraham ikono, thank God for u r still alive, the admission u r seeking, GOD will grant u unexpectedly..Just don’t relent. U don’t need to bribe if its your time,if its your way………..I used family connection to seek admission in 2004(UNAD), failed. I bribed person there with 20k but they chop my money, i keep pressing BUT to my surprise, in 2007 i was on my way from Lagos to UNILORIN for POSTJAMB and i met a young women unknown to me that she is was my HELPER. She realized that i did not flex lik oda guys in the Bus….and she advised me to be a good boy, she collected my Credentials and God used her for me…without demanding 1kobo, she secured Accounting for me and now i am done with the Course…

    Where God wants to take u to, u will reach there…

    Prostitute is not an offense to some BUT It is a big SIN and he who indulge in it, burry his/her GLORY…Except he/she find his way back to God,he might not balance-up in life.. see the case of family man doing such;they can’t pay for children’s sch fee, they can’t cater for their house properly..
    Women/ladies doing such, at last;some may be lucky to marry cool guy But what they’ve done in the past will surely fish them out at the time they r about enjoying their matrimonial life, some will never have the opportunity to have a good man….why some will be casualty of rituals(money rituals)……

    Based on this, we can see that no one gain but both side loose..



  15. The truth of the matter is that some single young women attending the universities have little to worry about in terms of admission fees, attendance fees, food, housing and clothing; their father’s pay for it all, and yet some young women will still engage in prostitution, under the above conditions, in order to get hold of pocket money, spending money, and to enjoy the sex and the sense of little on the wild side. When these girls graduate, if they graduate, you can probably forget about them holding a steady job anywhere for very long. Sometimes university is just an excuse not to work.


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