Abortion Rumor: “My Biggest Scandal Ever, I Won’t Stop Fighting Till I get justice” – Uche Jombo

Unlike most stars, celebrities and public figures, Uche Jombo has not taken lightly the publication of a soft sell magazine that accused her of abortion and attributed her drastic loss of weight during her preparation for the movie Holding Hope to that cause. Uche Jombo speaking about how aggrieved she was over the smear on her integrity that the libelous publication caused has decided that she will not quit fighting until she gets justice against the softsell magazine.

She says the only panacea that would assuage her current disposition is justice from a court of competent jurisdiction.The negative impact of the “front page news”, which embittered Jombo described as “false and malicious” still haunts her, hence her reason for threatening fire and brimstone.

Speaking on the issue she said “You know how emotional I am. I have cried for smaller things but this one, I still curse the person, till tomorrow. It will only take God for me to see the person and not harm him. For me, that was my biggest scandal ever. It was really damaging and I won’t stop fighting till I get justice”,  she insisted.

About her plans to bring them to justice she said “Well, I’m currently in court with the soft-sell magazine, for writing what I have come to consider the worst media story in my entire life and career, which was completely false and malicious. During the world premiere of my second movie last year, Holding Hope, I lost so much weight deliberately based on my character as a Cancer patient only for this paper to write on their front page that I aborted a pregnancy at six months, hence the lost of weight,”  “It’s still all over the net, just Google Uche Jombo/abortion, you’ll see over 500 pages…That story nearly shattered my life, my family legacy and all that I have laboured for in my entire career, in fact, it almost killed me. When you say someone aborted a six-month-old pregnancy, you are not just saying it’s an abortion, you are equally saying that person is a murderer because, six months, a baby is already formed and I don’t know where any one gets off thinking you can lose weight by having abortion,” she defends.

I think it’s a good think these soft sell magazines get sued, people should do this more often. Someone can’t just wake up and choose to destroy years worth of another person’s reputation building just because they want to make a few bucks. Anyway if this soft sell is found guilty, how much do you propose they pay as a fine?


  1. abortion is regarded as the worst thing u will do to a child that is up coming.soft sale magazine saying the once lost of weight was due to abortion. This is the problem with our media 2day, cann’t see how one would bring up such new, only 4 them to publish it not just

  2. With what I observe whosoever like to damage once image, remember your own image already smelling. Stop such act is not good. It will not profit you anything. If you’re doing it to make money at the end you must face the judgment God is watching you. Uche I agree with you to do what your mind ask you to do.

  3. when you are pointing one finger at somebody,do you know that four was pointing at you same time.The bible says do not judge so your father in heaven will not judge you. Why people are very wicked? How can somebody tarnish image of your fellow human being? Is unfair! My advice to you is,do what your mind tells you to do.No matter what it cost you,make sure you get to the root of it.

  4. It’s really sad for people to publish nonsensical stories without proof. I feel for Uche Jombo,and wish she let go of cursing the publisher as the injury metted on her by the insane story will definitely speak out for her.
    Nigerian editors has to enact some policy that will minimize the rampancy of unqualified publications in the country.i say once again to UCHE,take it easy,it shall be well.


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