Bishop Oyedepo’s Convenant University Denies Muslim Students Admission

Against their teachings and their doctrine that we should not discriminate against one another as it is against the bible which wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves, it can be surprising sometimes when those we expect to lead when it comes to issues relating to love and tolerance are found wanting on the same issue.

Bishop David Eniola Oyedepo is a man who many see as an embodiment of tolerance as his teachings prove so. Apart from his normal teaching which is based on Faith, he had at different occasions talked extensively on tolerance. It is therefore appalling that a gross act of intolerance will happen in a place where he’s the head.

It happened at his church-owned university,CovenantUniversity, during the current admission process. One Abdul-Gafar Ayomide Salami is doing all his best to secure admission into the institution for the next academic session. During the last JAMB examination where he scored 295, based on his performance he was invited for the post- JAMB exam which was conducted by the university authority. He again performed excellently, with average score of 65/80. His West African Senior School Certificate Examination stated that he passed with good grades in the following subjects as listed; Economics – B3, Geography – A1, English Language – B3, Further Math – A1, Mathematics – A1, Agric Science – B3, Biology – B3, Chemistry – B2, Physics – B2,

While they were waiting for the school authority, the family of Gafar was so sure that with his results, no matter what he was going to secure admission.

But the family got a rude shock when they were told that the school management had decided not to admit Muslim students for the coming academic session. According to the father of the young boy, who spoke to us: “Initially I thought it was kind of April Fool joke and I decided to send my wife to go and find out what exactly was going. But to to our consternation the admissions officer simply confirmed that they were not admitting any Muslim student this year.”

He said further that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he felt that he was in some kind of trance or that he was in another country because he had never in his entire life heard something like that, which is against the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has vowed to follow the case to a logical conclusion even if it means going to the court. “It is not about my child alone, but so that the discrimination and bigotry will  not continue in future,” he affirmed.

The issue is casting a shadow on the many awards the university may have won in the past as many are condemning the management of the school for getting themselves involved in such condemnable act. There was a time in the past that a member of the church who lost a child  in one of the schools owned by church was furious over the nonchalant attitude of the school management which led to the death of the child.

It is expected that the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor will act fast on this current issue as it is not only a dent on the image of the school but also a question of truthfulness on the school to Christianity, which the school professes based on its affiliation with the Living Faith Tabernacle, or Winners’ Chapel, as the Oyedepo-led church is also known.

Meanwhile, all efforts to speak with the school authority to hear their own version of the incident story didn’t succeed because the person who picked the phone claimed that he was not in the best position to talk on the issue but promised to relay our question to the appropriate quarters. He promised they would call us back but we had not heard anything from them as at the time of going to press.



  1. Yes, muslim should be denied admission in all school enough is enough let them go there way and ours (we christian) our own way if that will solve the issue of boko haram in this country and bring peace to christian. To the parents of the child, you haven’t seen anything yet muslim will soon be eradicated from this country i promise u that, u said what the school did is against Nigeria constitution hhhhhh! So what muslim is doing to christian brothers in this country, bombing churches and some other places even threaten to bomb school is not against Nigeria constitution, u this bonbastic element. Convenant University please carry go i dey feel u…

  2. Yes oooo, ah u want den to get admission into d univ n start breeding suicide bombers who wil be agents to their people and den kil innocent Xtians in d entire school and even other univs arund, u said the treatment d skool gave d boy for not admitting him ois againt d constitution of d fed republic of nigeria? Ah rubbish ooo, cos d constition wil not save us, and also did d constitution stop these boko haram pple from killing innocent pple??u shld be wise and dnt be fooled?these pple are against Xtians, its obvious with d incessant bombings of churches in their region.have u ever heard that their mosque is bombed, even in all these crises????pls enough is enough…they started it all, so make dem no just annoy us further…. Didt u hear os recent dat dey want to bomb some federal universities in d south, east n west????dnt u also know that these boko haram are against western education???that is d reason they gave when they passed a warning to bomb those universities ke….listen enough of all these castigations aginst convenant university authority….the boys parents should take him to a university in d north, at we have dem plenty there in their region.lastly we should not be cajoled and not be equally yoked with unbelievers….

  3. Its funny when people turn themselves to the Supreme Judge.I read 2 posts, 1 from O.J & 1 from ve, people I assume are ‘very good’ christians but don’t sound like vast ones.
    I think both of them are still so limited in their tots of religion, nigerian political situation & current events in the country.
    I wld advise they try understand d teachings of Islam before they call boko haram ‘muslims’
    Students don’t need to come to ‘ur christian’ schools before thay are able to blow it! At leats the armed robbers dat attacked d school some time ago weren’t students nor confirmed to be muslims! Let’s use our head & open our eyes!its either convenant university is a christian school or are let by hypocrites because I know for sure dat d sole act of discrimination is against the christian doctrin! Let people stop pretending & hiding under religious umbrella! At least we see convenant university ‘chiks/girls’ outside & know what they do now! I beg, leave religion

  4. @tunde , if u have eyes n ears, u will use dem well, dis is not a mata of understanding religious beliefs, if u say so, den y do boko haram bomb only churches, ve u ever heard dat a mosque Is bombed??? So y are dey called islamic sect, if dey re not muslims?y did dey say dey re against western education????pls use ur concience well….

  5. @ve & all that care to know- I will not in any way subscribe to the actions of boko haram, mend nor any group group under whatever hospicis at all who intend to distort the country’s peace process.
    The messagees I am passing are simple:
    1- that some useless ‘islamic group’ waged war against christian & political leaders in the north does not make MUSLIMS boko haram!
    2- that churches, bear palours, police head quarter & bombed does not make all muslims enemies of christians because muslims are also affected in these attacks
    3- also note that a southern muslim in some cases is not respected in the north & as such is supceptible to attack
    4- that ‘CONVENANT university is presumably built on christian doctrine & embrases peace & as such shld not debar qualified student from the school as long as they follow d school rules
    5- that our leaders (political, religious & social)play with our brain & turn us to pupets & dats 1 someone can think a religion can be eradicated from nigeria! Ha
    6- that crimanal need not enrole in schools before the perpetuate vices in the schools (OAU was attacked by external cultists, CONVENANT was robbed by external cons,babcok students were arrested in hotels with prostitutes_ who tot them that?).
    7- that we shld grow pass this brainwash & dat was y I said we need open our eyes & head.
    I read ur post & I felt u are so angry that you will stop relating with ur muslim friends & colleagues at work & dat is not good for ur health.
    I hope my message is clear & shld not be conceived as an attack on no one. I no be boko haram, I am a NAIJA boy that sees things in a sincere way

  6. Then if u re not boko haram, dnt castigate wat oders are doin to save innocent lives n properties frm being harmed, let’s face reality n dnt be cajoled period….these people re muslims, dnt deceive urself n oders…

  7. I’ve read these comments concerning this issue and there are some sense in what all of you have said but let me try and make some things clear.
    Tunde, we are not here to condemn any one but to help ourselves. there is a saying that says without an insider there can hardly be an outsider. 1, have you asked yourself why that particular muslim family wants their child to attend covenant university ? is that the only university in Nigeria ?
    2, About the muslim doctrine, i bet there are different doctrines in the muslim religion just as we have Catholics, Pentecostals and all others and we all know these boko haram people are purely against Christians.
    Now to summarize the all these, am not saying what Covenant University did was right or wrong but i know its wise at least for the sake of what is happening in our country now.

  8. @all: I think its high time the to-and-fro messages stopped;so I rest my case with this last coment- the nigerian system is so insecured that we don’t need insiders to aid outsiders to pptrate evil. People dat wage war & hide under religion don’t want the neutral minds to see the real substance of their war. I have chosen not to be fooled by religion in evil deeds & hence tell u I am friend to all except those dat cross my personal normal anger line. May God help us & grow d love seed in us all. Cheers people. I have enjoyed the gist all tru. God bless Nigeria

  9. Brethren, candidly speaking I personally enjoyed the discourse that ensued among you… Ve, Chase and Tunde. Education matters in whatever we do, and this is exactly what has transpired. I hope the so called Boko Harram sect will come to their right senses and admit the fact that NIGERIA and NIGERIANS cannot afford to go backward beyond this level, because now everyone is thirsty for a better living, and I am so sure that an ordinary sect without any form of future ambition is not capable to draw us back any longer. If their hidden agenda is to break NIGERIA into two, so be it. It isn’t that I am happy to say this, it’s just that these people in conjuction with their faceless supporters, who happened to be holding key positions in this country have decided to turn our fathers’ land to a battle ground. They are saying the incursion of Western education into Nigerian educational system is the source of their various senseless attacks on innocent Nigerians which must be eradicated. If they had not been educated, how could it have been possible for them to communicate in the language all of us will understand, or do they think Hausa language can become the lingua franca in Nigeria? Let us not be decieved, really, their major problem is having a Christian as the president in the country. In fact, it is the believe of this so called sect and their secret admirers that it is a taboo for a muslim man to be serving under a christian. Let the headship of this present government be the other way round and see if the Boko Harram people will not sheat thier swords, I am not being sentimental, it is the basic truth. If what they desired secretly continues to be our lot in Nigeria, then, when are we going to enjoy true Federalism?
    Self seeking leaders are all around us, and I strongly hope, those of us that are coming behind will be elligible enough to effect the necessary changes. The word of the Elders that says ‘what you do not have, you can never give’ is very apt, and that is why the so called useless Boko Harram sect will continue to see other sectional areas of the country as inferior to them.
    But one thing is the fact that our God Almighty has never slept, even for a second, therefore, give or take by the end of October, 2011, that is this very month, all of us will witness a massive death toll among them and it will surprise every dick and harry the caliber of people that will be involved in NIGERIA & NIGERIANS will be better for it, in Jesus’ name, amen.
    Happy Independence NIGERIANS!!!

  10. Well after reading through all the participant in this forum i see one issue not been touched. which is from all the perspective you guys are speaking from, as a christian wat is expect of you to live in peace is by showing love to those who hate you. before you hit back i know u will say because none of my family was affected in the in the bombing situation accepted but i don’t need to be affected before i know what is right. to the muslin brother u guys don’t really check the quaran well the holy prophet praise to his name is only against the Jews for not accepting the prophet of God (Jesus) and killing the prophet of God and believe that if you kill he who kill the prophet of God you will be save, but this day muslin fail to recognize Christian as the remaining follower of Christ Reason been that Christ fail to understand clearly the mission of Christ an agree that the Dead of Christ was God’s Idea of which is not True, God never wish Christ death cus he was the only one who have fulfill the requirement and stand as the true son of God and should have never be allow die without multiply God’s Children. so the muslin should come to understand that the christian are the remaining follower of Christ and not anti Christ the Jew. so what am i driving at Christians and muslin are like a group of blind men only seeing the the elephant from a different perspective, he who touch the tail calls elephant as a tiny rope and he who touch the trunk say its like a pillar yet all are right @ the same tym wrong let us wake up the Returning Christ Is Here to offer a new word .remember u cannot put a new wine into an old wine jar awake my christians brother an my muslin brother for the holy Prophet say when the tym is done a new messenger will appear who will unit all religion the tym is here this is a sign of He to come,

  11. I’m a christian but I am nt in support of the method in wh conv uni selects their students.they discriminate against kids wit hiv,pregnant gals,muslims etc.I believe d way to change dis country or the world is by helping d “lost” and guiding dem bk to d light.if I go as a christian broda to preach to thiose ppl who fall under the categories I listed previously,hw do u expect dem to give me audience.wen a man so highly placed in christianity cld turn his back on them n cast them out,trust me nothing can be said to bring such ppl to christ,which I suppose was his purpose for staarting the sch in d first place(bringing up kids in a christ like manner),n christianity as a I thinkb we shld leave the whole boko haram tin n face d issue on ground.we as christians shldn’t cast the “unbelievers” away but instead drag them close n try to let dem see tins from a diff put of view even as u educate dem along side.they are other christian schools in niger such as biu in benin n they don’t discriminate as anybody as long as u are capable of paying the fees n ready to attend the sch chapel wh is mandatory u are fine.wit a scheme like dis,trust me a gud kid,attending chapel for atleast 4yrs will definately hv some form of impact on dat tell me,wat better way to bring kids to christ dan tru dis kind of pls let’s reevalute dis whole case.convenant is as nice sch with vhigh education standards,any loving parent who wants. Good educate for his child n can afford it wld want his child there,let’s be honest.wheda christx or muslims we all want d best for our kids.yes boko haram is a muslim second but I don’t think all muslims think like dat.I hv muslim friend dat cant even hurt a fly nt to talk of blowing ppl up.I think papa needs to think abt his policies a bit,so he doesn’t send d wrong msg to ppl of other religon abt christx cos our target is to bring the whole world to christ n acts like dis futher pushs ppl away.thanks y’ll.

  12. When formal Zamfara Gov. instituted Sharia law in his state and gave copies of that nonsense to other Northern states, why didn’t Nigeria constitution be refer to? Now beautiful decisions to keep your brothers of Boko Haram away from civilized, people have started talking. I am happy that the boy is so brilliant, but it has shown clearly that this is an opportunity you have to give your life to Jesus Christ with your entire family. Otherwise, you have been rejected here in earthly university so shall you be rejected in Heaven because of Islam. But I pray that this will serve as a lesson for you to turn to true God. Think about this and make a decision.

  13. @jesus igwee- thank God u are not God, maybe u will be d only one dat will be in paradise.
    Its very interesting sometimes to participate in debates like this! U easily know people that goes to chuch & people that are christians, u get to know light brained people who just wanna say anything that comes out of their mouth.
    Jesus igwee feels he is vice God dat makes decision on who gets Gods peace & who don’t! What makes u different from boko haram? Because d way u talk & think is just as similar to theirs. Some peopple are just so brainwashed that they don’t even know the value of what they have. I am not sure Jesus Igweee knows what ‘Christianity’ is- I bet he/she doesn’t!

  14. Christian Violence in History

    The horrible truth is that, numerically and statistically speaking, Christian Civilization is the bloodiest and most violent of all civilizations in all of history, and is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths. Even so, Muslims will never associate this violence and blood bath with the teachings of Jesus (peace be on him).

    Saint Augustine’s cognite intrare (“lead them in”—i.e. “force them to convert”). In fact the Qur’an says the exact opposite: There is no compulsion in religion ( 2:256 ). Augustine’s frightening idea that all must be compelled to “conform” to the “true Christian faith” has unleashed centuries of unparalleled bloodshed. Indeed, Christians have suffered more under the rule of Christian civilization than under pre- Christian Roman rule or any other rule in history. Millions were tortured and slaughtered in the name of Christianity during the periods of the Arian, Donatist and Albigensian heresies

    The Crusades:- The European armies were saying, as they slaughtered both Christian and Muslim Arabs: “Kill them all, God will know his own.”

    Europe’s Reformation and Counter Reformation Era:- Two thirds of the Christian population of Europe was slaughtered by Christians

    The African slave trade Claimed the lives of 10 million

    The Colonial Conquests Estimates for the number of Native Americans slaughtered by the Europeans in North, Central and South America run as high as 20 million within three generations.

    The 20 th century’s Western Civilization took warfare to new extremes A conservative estimate puts the total number of brutal deaths in the 20 th century at more than 250 million. Of these, Muslims are responsible for less than 10 million deaths. Christians, or those coming from Christian backgrounds account for more than 200 million of these! The greatest death totals come from World War I (about 20 million, at least 90 % of which were inflicted by “Christians”) and World War II ( 90 million, at least 50% of which were inflicted by “Christians,” the majority of the rest occurring in the Far East).
    Given this grim history, it appears that we Europeans must all come to grips with the fact that Islamic civilization has actually been incomparably less brutal than Christian civilization.
    Did the Holocaust of over 6 million Jews occur out of the background of a Muslim Civilization?

    In the 20th century alone Western and/or Christian powers have been responsible for at least twenty times more deaths than have Muslim powers. In this most brutal of centuries, we created incomparably more civilian casualties than have Muslims in the whole of Islamic history.

    In the 20th century, Rawanda, 1994 Witness the slaughter of 900,000 Rwandans in 1994 in a population that was over 90 % Christian
    1992-1995 Bosnia The genocide of over 300,000 Muslims and systematic rape of over 100,000 Muslim women by Christian Serbs

    Western popular culture It should also be mentioned that although Islam has the concept of legitimate war in self-defense (as does Christianity, and even Buddhism), nowhere in Islamic culture (or in other cultures that survive today) is there latent the idealization, and perhaps idolization, of violence that exists in Western Culture. Westerners think of themselves as peaceful, but in fact the gentleness and sublimity of the New Testament, and the peace-loving nature of the principles of democracy, are scarcely reflected in Western popular culture. Rather, the entire inclination of popular culture— Hollywood movies, Western television, video games, popular music and sports entertainment—is to glorify and inculcate violence. Accordingly, the relative rates of murder (especially random and serial murder) are higher in the Western World (particularly in the U.S., but even in Europe, taken as a whole) than they are in the Islamic world in counties that are not suffering civil wars, and this true despite the much greater wealth of the West.

  15. This unfair and injustice, it’s ungodly to deny a child admission to school because of his faith or his family religion. I was born in a musilim home, I became converted to the christian faith. I am now a Pastor and a church leader. That policy is not of God and it must be change or the school should close down. Don’t we have other institution that provide services for people of different faith.The Ahmadiya Schools and hospital are providing services at cheaper rate to all people without discrimination. We are the ones fueling bitterness by this kind of action. what do you think that child and his parents be thinking about Christians. Don’t deny a child because of his family faith. Pastor Tunde Bakare was born in a musilim family, Pastor Ashimolowo was born in a musilim family. What make you think that child will always be a Musilim. We are in circuler society NUC and JAMB must look at this and stop it NOW!

  16. Covenant Univeristy is a Christian university. Q.E.D. Why are we arguing on what is not. We have state, federal and Muslim owned universities. If what you have is not sufficient for your children is it a must you give to outsiders. Pls lets think wide. Is it by force to sell to a customer afterall, he is going to pay school fees. Nevertheless, there are Kamorudeens and Kafayats in Covenant university. I hope this boy does not have hidden agenda. When UI, OOU and LAUTECH denies you admission with all your “good results” do you go on pages of newspaper. Please let us be realistic.

  17. You are not sincere ,The policy is what we are talking about, a circuler school is a circuler school, own by Musilim ,Occultic or Christian you must not segregate. The Church is a public institution registered under incorporated trustee Law. The church and the money they use in establishing this institution belong to God and the Nigerian people. No body should be denied admission because of thier name, or thier faith. What of those of them from occultic homes. Is every body that is bearing Chtistain name a Christian. stop playing God and start what will consume those Universities.

  18. If he is angry let him seek admission in Moslem institution if they don’t have one they can build their one. why not they use the money they are using to found boko haram to build moslem university if they value education. If Convenant University denies him admission, there are more than fifty Universities in this country where he can study. must it be at Convenant why is he lamenting so much. the school is christian school founded by with christian money. Since they are against christian and bombs churches why do they want to have the privilege of christian belongings or is he planing to take boko harm to the institution. since the say western education is bad why do they seek it. most moslems’ are boko, haram in order not to bring the evil one’s it is better to avoid them all.Once you give them admission into the institution they will start demanding for mosque in the institution if you say no, they will complain that their constitution right gives them right to freedom of worship, before you know what is happening they will start bombing the institution for their right to have mosque. The bible says in “Mark 9:45 And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:”
    I think what the institution did was to avoid impending loom.. Bishop David Oyedepo is a wise man of God he does not just take action without thinking it through with necessary consideration and direction from the holy spirit.

  19. Fø̲̣̣я̅ mε̲ o, there is nothing wrong with †̥ђǻ†̥’ ! it is Ǥööϑ to stand Ʊя ground I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ what U̶̲̥̅̊ believe. It pathetic †̥ђǻ†̥ it had to happen dis way. Let the Muslim boy apply I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ any government university. After all we ♓v started hearing ☺f muslim banking, so let there be muslim university as well!

  20. Ve, Jesus Igweeee, OJ and Glory, you better have a rethink of all that uve said, because no matter what and how it would not be good for all of you and you likes to conclude that you know what your future would be like, certainly u must in one way or the other find yourself or any member of your family elsewhere in Nigeria or any part of the world and your destiny cannot be changed therefore, what I advise you to do is to pray for the unity of the country and for COVENANT university, its a shameful act when as an institution that is suppose to teach morality and correction they are going contrary i think NUC and JAMB needs to revisit if truly they deserve to operate in the country. After all its not every muslim that is a terrorist and there is no where in Islam that terrorism is allowed, On Sharia, it only teach us on the good tenets nothing more nothing less, if really you are true Christians, you you should know the dos and donts and judge ur conscious, Islam say all actions are judge according to intentions and therefore you cannot just condemn an innocent soul without finding him/her guilty

  21. If this is true, it’s a constitutional issue of an abuse of human rights. The parents have a duty to take this up in a court of law.
    I sincerely hope they do, it’s a university licensed by the NUC it isn’t a seminary or bible school.
    I’d just stay further reaction until the school comments one way or the other

  22. The reporter of this story needs to do more investigation. As someone conversant with the admission process in Covenant University, the information at the disposal of the reporter may not be totally correct. Some prospective students are usually denied admission even when the appear to be academically okay, but because of certain other factors that have to do with what could be their disposition to the institution’s stand on discipline. For example, I know the institution would not normally allow transfer from other institutions. Some parents whose wards had been rusticated by Federal or State universities for being members of campus cults, sometimes would want to smuggle them into private universities, hoping that the environment would change them. The institution would not want to admit such candidates for fear of the problem they could constitute ,especially in negatively influencing younger innocent children in their formative years.Ordinarily, I expect the reporter to meet appropriate authorities in the institution for the real reason for the reported scenario.

  23. Mr Uthman or should I call you Rev. Uthman what is your business do you want to bring Islam to Convenant University. Don’t you know that it is a christian University founded with christian money. when he is admitted now he will also demand for Mosque since his constitutional right state that he have freedom of worship. Bishop is a man God who don’t just take decision with out weighing it. He is avoiding the problem it will cause later. You will still be the one to blame him for admitting the Moslem into the university. If you want you can build your own university and admit him. stop crying more that the bereaved. you don’t even know if the boy is saying the truth or he just want to tarnish the Image of Bishop David Oyedepo. I support him 100%.

  24. Look at the truth, no one not even Rev. can understand who God is. If you asked me i will say why not give a room to Islamic into Christian Kingdom probably that is the only way to turn this darkness to light. So Covenant why not just admit and convert them at once by telling that Jesus is lord though is the Holy Spirit that does the work

  25. Its not fair….That school is way too expensive too, that school was established by its members and yet some of them cannot send their children there….I think they should cross check(Re-think). When Jesus was here on earth, he made his mission available for the poor and the rich….

    Oyedepo think twice, I don’t think you worship God or is it money you worship? I am a christain and I know what is obtainable….I am a very young man who admire what you are doing but its too expensive for my likening…..

    I am out.


  26. You muslims u all deserved to be evicted in all the university becus inoccent souls have been killed by u ppl, You guys keep saying tins against my PAPA Bishop Oyedepo, Listen u guys can not see him becos he his a man of wisdom and he follow God insturction b4 acting upon.

    For God sake, God have made him great y not join him and tank God becus God have been faithful in the life of his prophet.

    I will want you to try and pray very hard for ur self becus he that condem a man of God have equally put a very large course upon him self nd his family becus it is very unfair to mock the prophetic.


  27. I’m a Christian, and often have to fight my colleagues in immigration here when they try to refuse Nigerians entries based on the assumption ALL Nigerans are fraudsters, i.e. because A FEW Nigerians have committed fraud here, they now claim ALL of us are the same.

    How would all you people defending this universities actions feel if , having worked hard to pay for and secure a legitimate visa, just like this man has secured legitimate qualifications, you were turned back at the airport to this country because the Immigration Officer here views you as a fraudster because A FEW Nigerians have committed fraud here?

    In summary, Boko Haram, from all we can tell, consists of about 5,000 members, which is a tiny mniority of muslims. So why should a single muslim be denied entry to a Christan university because of the actions of A FEW muslims again?

  28. Am rilly ashamed rite naw to call my self a christian.I read all these comments nd my heart bleeds for you so_called Christians.Is dat wat ur bible teaches??nd u put u in a place to judge?D holy spirit will not lead u in a way that is not right..1st Timothy 5 vs 19..please read dat nd wen smtin is not rigth,let’s all stand up nd say it is wrong.U guys don’t ivn read ur Bibles.If every religion so hates one anoda,how wud we survive?We weren’t commanded to love fellow christians buh unbelivers too…Let ur lite shine in d presence of all men,not just breathens buh people dat will see d lite nd cme to christ 2ru d lite..I wonder if christ had same beliefs,who we will be callin on ryte naw.Fact is it is wrong to deny a muslim student admission except he states or fails to follow d scool rules..Its a private university for God’s sake,its d church business not personal business.U r mandated to accept all intending students except u ve very god reasons aganist them..Do not let people insult our God because of our irrational and hatelike attitudes..Rememba,there’s joy in heaven if an unbeliever joins d fold..act,talk,reason,if u ve to,judge nd mke desicions to d letter as led by d holy spirit…Peace of d Lord be upon u