Black Face And Wife Separate Due To Hard Times

News has it that former member of the defunct music group Plantashun Boiz, Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo aka Black Face and his wife have gone separate ways. The couple of eight years is said to have separated over Black Face’s inability to fend for his family. Since the separation of the Plantashun boiz, 2face Idibia and Face have had different solo albums that have made waves in the Nigerian music industry, however Black Face hasn’t had it so easy.

The decision to separate seems to be mutual, pending the time a divorce will be filed the couple have decided to live apart although they claim to still enjoy a good friendship.


  1. If such supper stars faces such financial predicaments, it means the government is not really doing anything 2 alleviate people’s poverty. This country since 4 months ago now became worse in terms of economic developments. Mass unemployments are on the increase. And this incapable of the government to arrest the situation, breeds more crimes in our country. “A hungry man is an angry man”. Maybe the officials of this country are actually waiting for public revolts before they wil attend to people’s financial predicaments.

  2. well Nigerian government are trying, but i will still suggest that, the issue of Boko Haram or what so ever name they called their selves if any of them is cauth should be kill immediately no going to prison or so.

  3. My own say of it is that let the coupol take it easy with them self because they is time 4 every face i love u and i remain ur right man one love.

  4. according to sir rapheal he said if people like black face and others problem are not sovle he promise to cost a gasstrical unimagineable raiot in this as rock i want government to do something about it and neco and waec result if not so rapheal ogkonku biafara and barak wahala will strick and take drastic measures.

  5. Black face don’t feel downcasted.Many ladies married their superstar husband because of financial stability so now that you’re not raking in the money again you should expect them to walk away.

  6. Dnt tel me dt d ramshakles of penury hs so struck Black dt he cnt fend 4 his wf n 2kids.I learnt Dayo hs bn dere wen he ws nothin. Why cnt 2face help a frnd who part2k in makin him?Well,Black no mata hw dark d n9t it must break in2 day.Soon u gona hv it big. Stil luv u. Elvis Azanor

  7. It’s un4tunate he cost dis himself. The wrong decision of not goin 2 kinnis when dey cam callin has cost him his present predicament. Now 2face is enjoyin himself 4 takin d decision so, there u’re. I stil luv u though and i hope u’ll take d right decision 2 go 4 fame next tym and am sure money wil follow u. May God uplift u and give u d grace 2 rise again(Amen).

  8. Hmmm wel, ma “YA MAN”, i’m rili hapi 4 u
    bcuz I know dat God s in d makin of an
    history in ur life. So pls giv it up
    nt it @al.
    Trust mi u gana hit it again n soonest
    man… Luv u, Faze n 2face.


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